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Why Use Payroll Software?

Payroll software is an important aspect of your business, company, enterprise, organization or establishment. It assists you in integrating and automating the entire human resource tasks, payroll task, activities, and processes. Payroll software enables your workforce to divert their attention and to spend more time on vital matters of your business. The talents, skills, efforts, investment, and ideas can be diverted to things that matter the most for the growth and development of the company and business.

Ease Your Burden

When the right payroll and HRMS software like that of 247 HRM, is utilized, one can focus on competing for better productivity, tapping into talents and skills, reaching greater heights and staying on top, while leaving all the mundane and boarding human resource task, payroll processes, and activities to our experts.

Why 247HRM?

247 HRM has more than 60 years of experience in handling payroll tasks and processes for companies and businesses all around the world. We have a huge client base of more than 650 clients and we have helped them to reach the highest potential and to climb higher up the ladder of success. Our special team of professional experts knows just how to handle all of the important areas of your payroll activities. Our team is quite dedicated to easing your burden of the tedious payroll activities and helping you to focus on the core aspects of your business. We assist and guide in facilitating and promoting the growth and development of businesses and companies all around the world.

247HRM Software Features

247 HRM payroll software comes with the entire set of features required to run your payroll activities and task as well as all of the activities, functions, and processes involved. It covers everything from start to finish which includes analytics; performance evaluation; payroll management; reporting; employee scheduling; statutory compliance; compliance with the local laws; common laws, rules, regulations, bye-laws and standards set by both the Federal Government and state governments; payroll processes activities and functions; and all other related important requirements.

Why does your Sharjah business need an HRMS and payroll software?

Every business no matter how big or small it needs an HRMS and payroll software to handle all of the payroll activities, task and processes involved. The following are the reasons as to why your Sharjah business needs and HRMS and payroll software.

1. Employee portals
247 HRM offers you payroll software where you can access details and information of your employees anytime and anywhere. Your employees can also you the payment details and benefits which are recorded with complete transparency and easily accessible with just the click of a button. A well-updated employee portal can boost employee morale and helps in promoting a culture of transparency within the company. employees get to have greater control over their work lives and uninterrupted access to key information.

2. Efficient use of time:
Businesses and companies spend a lot of time performing payroll activities and tasks every month, accompanied by the hustle and tension and endless hours spent calculating and deducting the amounts payable. Making use of an HR and payroll software like that of 247 HRM automate the entire process and eliminate all sorts of human errors and mistakes that are bound to happen during calculation and deductions.

3. Customized to suit your business requirements:
247 HRM payroll software is specially customized to suit and meet all of your business needs and requirements. It is flexible and well adapted to adjust as per your business functions and activities. Everything can be customized and tailored as per the unique requirements of your business.

4. Easy integration and access:
Our 247 HRM payroll software comes with several integration options where employers can easily log in and get direct information in regard to the human resources department, employees, attendance, working hours, time tracking etc. The special features in our 247 HRM payroll software facilities for integration and collaboration with other people in your company so as to reduce the pressure and hectic work and to make it much more streamlined and smoothly operating.

5. Say Goodbye to errors:
‘To err is human’ however those handling payrolls know the frustration and tension that human errors and mistakes are capable of doing to a business. Errors and mistakes committed in payroll processes and activities can shake up the very foundation of your business and lead to low morale amongst your employees. Handling of payrolls through manual processes is bound to create errors and miss calculation in salaries, taxes, and incorrect information. These errors can be really expensive for your business.


Better Decision Making

When you hand over the payroll tasks, activities and processes to us at 247 HRM, we take on the complete burden upon ourselves, leaving you completely free to make better decisions in regard to your business. When you are free of the burden of tax deductions, payroll activities, calculation of leave taken and it’s related deductions, compliances to be followed updates on the latest laws, rules, regulations, bye-laws, common laws, etc. You can focus on the core areas of your business that lead to the growth and success.

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Increased Productivity

We at 247 HRM handles every payroll task, activity, and process, enabling you to focus on utilizing the talents, skills, and ideas of your workforce in much more productive areas of your business. This leads to all round increased productivity and ensures an increase in profits as well. Leave the boring and mundane tasks of payroll to us and instead focus on improving your business and climbing up the ladder.

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Measurable ROI

We at 247 HRM helps you to reduce the cost of running a business by taking on the burden of your Human Resource Department and the payroll tasks of your company.

We help you to achieve the following:

Reduce costs involved

Increases efficiency

Ensures employee satisfaction

Proper utilization of the limited resources and assets

Increases productivity

Ensure proper time management

Employee retention

Better results and output


Witness the increased efficiency in your output using our HRMS & Payroll Software

Why 247HRM

We at 247 HRM have several years of experience in tackling all of your payroll burdens and simplifying it for you. Our payroll software comes with a special HRMS toolkit a host of services for the efficient, smooth, effective and professional management of HR automation and payroll. Our special team is quite dedicated and on a spree to conquer as many clients and to expand our clientele. We know just how to boost your employee morale and get them well engaged in the core aspects of your business that increases productivity and guarantees profits.

Our aim is to simplify your HR process and strategies

At 247 HRM, we facilitate towards simplifying your HR processes and strategies by employing the human resource management self-service portal which integrates and collaborates with your Human Resource Department. Your employees can directly and easily access all of our services by themselves as well as view information in relation to their work and employment.<br /> We also bring together a whole host of services all at one place that makes HR processes, strategies and payrolls much simpler than it was before. In addition, to the above, we also provide with leave management software which is integrated into the system and which offers complete and flexible operation enabling your employees to make entry and to manage their leave request at any time and anywhere.

We help you generate reports in a single click

Are you still going through the tedious and time-consuming process of comparing multiple files in order to access and employees profile? Well, it's time for you to update to the latest 247 HRM software that solves all of your problems. All it takes is just a single click and you get to view the entire profile of an employee. It saves a lot of time, efforts and energy. No more suffering and searching through files and stacks of paper just to pull out simple information. Get quick reports generated in no time with just a single click of our special HRMS and payroll software. It doesn't matter whether you need just a single report or several others, everything is made simpler, easier, and accessible than ever.

Our goal is to create a happy and motivated workforce

Wondering how to boost and motivate your workforce while keeping them happy? We at 247 HRM know just how to keep your employees happy, motivated and satisfied. Forget about being stuck with updating payroll processes and going through numerous portfolios and documents. Leave it all to us, we take on the entire burden of payroll activities while keeping your workforce occupied towards increasing the productivity and profitability of your business.

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Payroll status screen with Salary Budgets


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Our HR & Payroll Software Prices in Sharjah

We cater to company of any size be it small, medium or large

Choose The Plan Which Suits You The Best 247HRM SEED 247HRM SHOOT 247HRM SAPLING 247HRM TREE
Rs. 1499 Monthly
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Rs. 2499 Monthly
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Rs. 3499 Monthly
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Rs. 4499 Monthly
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Employees Included 30 30 30 30
Statutory Compliance
Leave Management Sytem
Attendance Management System
Employee Self Service
Asset Management
Greviance Management
Employee Document Management
Letter generation
Company Policy Documents
Digital Onboarding
Exit Management
Training Tracking
Applicant Tracking System
Travel & Expenses
Performance Management
Internal Social Feed Board
Mobile App Android
Mobile App IOS
Customizable Reports
Email Support (Ticeting)
Phone Support
Dedicated Support Personnel

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