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Why Use Payroll Software?

Businesses that wish to integrate the core functions of the HR into a simplified form must choose an HRMS and Payroll software. The effectiveness of the software will help in the growth of a business.

Ease Your Burden

Software and Automation might sound tricky, but they aren’t! HRMS and payroll software is not complex, and they are easy to use. We admit that it reduces the manual efforts completely.

Why 247HRM?

Traditional business practices are no longer in place and it is important for a business to adapt to the latest technology and trends. 247HRM is uniquely structured to work on complex processes.

247HRM Software Features

The integrated system, the complex task management, collaborative work are the salient features of 247HRM that attracts most of the business owners.

Why does your Chennai business need an HRMS & Payroll Software?

Your Chennai business needs an HRMS and payroll software to manage the important asset of the people which includes personal details, contact details, work details, performance, salary breakup and more. The innovative HRMS and Payroll software are easier, accurate and efficient to handle business. To drive your business with the right talent, you need to use the HRMS & Payroll software that stores necessary information.


Better Decision Making

Have you found the most effective way to manage and handle employee-related details? If you are yet to find one, you must look at 247HRM which is one of the best software that helps you organize your data and make the right decision. One bad decision can ruin the business so it is high time you invest in better HRMS & Payroll software that will initiate good decisions. Do not believe in manual data when you can digitalize your data.

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Increased Productivity

Do you wish to track the hire to retire cycle of the employees? It’s got better and efficient! We are no longer referring to the tradition HR management process. With the help of Payroll and HRMS, you can now increase the productivity of every employee. While the system is busy capturing and recording data, your employees can improvise the performance of the business. When you know the best way to track data, you automatically improve the productivity of the company.

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Measurable ROI

247HRM is a combination of traditional HR management solution with rich features. They help to manage the needs of the organization and the interface is easy to use and it initiates collaboration. From maintaining the records of the employee to processing the payroll, it can handle everything. It’s a one-time investment that would bring better ROI. With the amazing features of agility, security, flexibility and more, implement this solution for your business.

Reduce Costs

Increase Productivity

Employee Satisfaction

Employee Retention

Improved Time Management

Limited Resources


Witness the increased efficiency in your output using our HRMS & Payroll Software

Why 247HRM

247HRM is the most preferred HRMS and Payroll solutions in Chennai for its powerful and extensive feature.

Our Aim is to simplify your HR Process & Strategies

Let’s talk about paperless records, quick payroll management, effective recruitment, self-service portal for employees, claims, finance and more. Look no further than 247HRM which helps businesses to simplify the HR process and strategies giving your business a competitive edge over your competitors. Manage your entire Chennai business by simplifying the most tedious job of any industry.

We help you Generate Reports in a Single Click

When it comes to managing the business, data and reports have a key role to play. We’ll make your HR management better and help managers retrieve reports with a single click. Being an interactive and transparent software module, it produces complex reports within seconds. Stay organized with the best reporting tool that helps to build better strategies and working solutions. It works as a centralized data that can be accessed anytime.

Our Goal is to create a Happy & Motivated Workforce

Imagine one place to store data and information which can be used by employees as well as HR manager. When all things are in one place for your people, it can create happiness. With the help of HRMS and Payroll software, build a space for your employee and HR managers and set a goal for them to achieve. Create a happy work environment by motivating the employees and rewarding them with the best possible things. Make use of the technology and solutions to improve the status of your business.

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Payroll status screen with Salary Budgets


Sample report. Specifically the Pay Register


HR Dashboard


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Our Top HR & Payroll Software Clients in Chennai

Hundreds of top brands and companies in Chennai trust us to give them the right Payroll & HR Management Solution.

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Apollo Medical College
Payroll Software
Pon Pure Chemicals Group
Payroll Software
Harsha Toyota
Payroll Software
Apollo Education Group


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Our HR & Payroll Software Prices in Chennai

We cater to company of any size be it small, medium or large

Choose The Plan Which Suits You The Best 247HRM SEED 247HRM SHOOT 247HRM SAPLING 247HRM TREE
Rs. 1999 Monthly
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Rs. 2999 Monthly
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Rs. 3999 Monthly
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Rs. 4999 Monthly
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Employees Included 30 30 30 30
Statutory Compliance
Leave Management Sytem
Attendance Management System
Employee Self Service
Asset Management
Greviance Management
Employee Document Management
Letter generation
Company Policy Documents
Digital Onboarding
Exit Management
Training Tracking
Applicant Tracking System
Travel & Expenses
Performance Management
Internal Social Feed Board
Mobile App Android
Mobile App IOS
Customizable Reports
Email Support (Ticeting)
Phone Support
Dedicated Support Personnel

Our HR & Payroll Software Case Studies

See how we have made a difference to our clients from various industries.

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Witness the increased efficiency in your output using our HRMS & Payroll Software

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