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247HRM, the leading payroll company in India bring the comprehensive Payroll Software for HR Professionals.
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Payroll Software

247HRM is a comprehensive payroll software for India that maintains salary information and settings, taking inputs from various sources and produces 100% accurate payroll. It helps build employee morale & satisfaction & enhances the company’s image and brand. Our Payroll Software produces extensive reports that satisfy internal and external requirements.

Our Payroll software is feature rich, supports practices of a wide range of companies in a wide range of verticals without the need for any customization. 247HRM can implement the payroll practices of 99.9% of companies out of the box.

Payroll generation is time bound with most companies allocating 5 days for processing it.

Employee Records

Our Payroll Software allows easy entry and bulk import of Employee Records. Each employee record has a wealth of information on Personal, Organizational, Professional, Statutory and banking information. Change log of critical data like transfers, promotions etc is maintained as events.

Employee History

Events can be used to build up the employee history. Data input on a monthly basis is easy as our payroll solution can bulk import all the data needed to run Payroll from excel reducing time necessary to run, verify and finalize payroll for that month.

Salary Administration

247HRM has comprehensive functionality to support equitable and systematic Salary Administration. 247HRM can be parameterized to assign Salary components based on Grade, Location and Employment type. Salary can be administered based on a CTC structure or on a Basic structure based on the company’s preference. The Statutory settings for PF, ESI, PT and IT can be made at the company level. Individual preferences can be set to override the global settings. Salaries can be entered from a screen or bulk imported from excel. Salary change log is maintained and the salary history of an employee is built up over time.


Our payroll software solution provides comprehensive support for statutory deductions and returns. Provident fund calculations allow selection of salary components, standard contribution rates, custom rates, VPF and various computation practices. Files to be uploaded to the PF department’s portal are generated in the PF ECR format in addition to various returns that are to be submitted in hardcopy. ESI calculations allow selection of salary components & standard contribution rates. Files to be uploaded to the ESI department’s portal are generated in addition to various returns that are to be submitted in hardcopy. PT calculations allow selection of salary components. Contribution rates for various states can be set up.


Our Payroll Management Solution has comprehensive functionality to support Loans & Advances. Multiple Loan types can be defined and Loan limits can be set by grade. Loan applications can be entered into the system and send them through the approval process using HRFlow. This is fully integrated with our Employee Self Service portal and approvals can be done either within Payroll or in the ESS. Once approved automatic EMI deductions are made from Payroll. Loan status can be displayed in Payslip. If external creditor agencies have provided loans to the employees, EMI reports can be provided to the creditor.

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