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Why Use Payroll Software?

Payroll software is quite handy for companies and businesses in Dubai to record and follow up the wages and Taxes of the employees as well as to make sure that every transaction takes place  effortlessly and seamlessly

Ease Your Burden

We take on the entire burden of payroll activities on to our shoulders enabling you to sit back and plan towards the growth and success of your business. We handle all the tedious tasks and simplify the entire process for you.

Why 247HRM?

247 HRM has the right professional team of experts with several years of experience in handling payroll activities and functions for several businesses, companies, establishments, organisations and Enterprises. We are a dedicated team whose main goal is to ease your burdens and to facilitate the growth and development of businesses and companies, and to enable them to climb higher up the ladder.

247HRM Software Features

247 HRM offers you the entire package of software features that ranges from payroll management; analytics and reporting; performance evaluation; employee scheduling; Payroll processes, functions and activities; Statutory compliance; compliance with the local laws, bye laws, rules and regulations.

Why does your Dubai business Need an HRMS or payroll software?

As your business in Dubai continue to grow, so also will be that need and requirement of your employees to grow along with it. In smaller companies businesses, organisations manual processes are made use of to handle payroll and other human resource functions and processes. Whereas in bigger and huge businesses the requirement is much more and hence one will need to update to and HRMS and payroll software. HRMS payroll software in your Dubai business will strengthen and lead to the overall growth while ensuring efficiency in the system. An HRMS payroll software in shares the improvement of matrix across the board.


Better Decision Making

HRMS and payroll software enables you to have real time access to employee data and vital information in regard to your business or company and hence it makes the process of decision making much more simple and easier. An HRMS and payroll software like that of 247 HRM enables you to keep track of the various aspects and activities of your employees as well as the interaction with the work environment organisation as well as with their fellow employees. You can gain access and keep track of each and every employee and other information in relation to grievances, performance, attendance, work timings, training undergone, compensation comes and goals, etc. Getting the right HRMS and payroll software helps you to make effective decisions as per the needs and requirements of your business.

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Increased Productivity

Gone are the days where every information and data was maintained and recorded on paper and Excel sheets. Companies and businesses have adopted the smarter way of employing the use of HRMS and payroll software to record information And data in relation to the business. This enables the company to free up staff to focus on the core areas of the business to grow and expand it. This facilities increased productivity planning and creation of Manpower strategy, boosting employee morale, improving efficiency, etc. Queries put forth can take up a lot of time and efforts from the personnel in the human resources department. Instead you can get the HRMS and payroll software to handle it all for you the saving the time energy and efforts of the human resources department and directing the efforts into other fruitful options. By employing the right HRMS and payroll software one can effectively enhance the recruitment and selection process as well as the training analyzation and evaluation of employees of a business of company, the end result being better productivity gains.

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Measurable ROI

When a company or business makes Investments in obtaining the right HRMS and payroll software it can assist the human resources teams to divert the attention on building the brand name and product, creation and development of a strategy, focused planning effective utilisation of employee talents and skills, etc. In addition to this, HRMS and payroll software reduces the errors in the recording and maintenance of data and information.

Reduce Costs

Increase Productivity

Employee Satisfaction

Employee Retention

Improved Time Management

Limited Resources


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