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Why use payroll software?

In the face-paced world, there’s an ever-increasing demand to manage the payroll of the business which not only eases the task but also helps the business to advance their operations, increase the productivity and the return on investment.

Ease Your Burden

As a business owner, you need to have a highly accurate payroll system that eases your burden, is accurate and also helps you to make a quick business decision based on the facts available.

Why 247HRM?

Businesses spend significant time in hiring talents, training and managing the employees however 247HRM is the right solution that will help you manage the talents and provide reliable HRMS and payroll solutions for your business by improving the productivity of the employees.

247HRM Software Features

247HRM payroll software is highly secured, it is accountable, efficient and eliminate the tedious process. The software is enriched with a simplified process that reduces errors and improves operative effectiveness.

Why your Kochi business need an HRMS & Payroll software?

HRMS & Payroll software is a great option for managing the payroll operations and other updates for your Kochi business. It helps you to manage your Kochi business efficiently and smoothly with respect to financial aspects. HRMS & Payroll software gives employees the access to their payroll and views other information from anywhere and at any time. It is very effective for managing the HR activities and payroll and tax processing of your Kochi business.


Save your time

How long does the HR team spend to prepare the payroll? Consider the error factors and the time taken for re-verification. Of course, Payroll processing is a tedious process when you do it manually but if you integrate your traditional HRMS and payroll processes to an automated Payroll software in Kochi, you can quickly automate the entire process and produce accurate results and overall save a lot of time. On the whole, you can improve the productivity of the HR professionals by implementing an automation.

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Save you money

Most of the businesses spend a lot to manage their payroll processing. Though payroll processing is the secondary function of the business, it cannot skip this process. The HRMS Payroll software in Kochi help you to save money by simplifying the process and it eliminates the need for the accountant and senior accountant in the team. You don’t need an in-house team to process the entire payroll as it can be easily handled by the HR professionals without any issues. It helps you to save a lot of resources and provides accurate results.

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Potential ROI

When you consider investing in payroll software in Kochi, you need to invest some amount in the first place however you the potential ROI is more than what you expect. Though the amount you invest is more than what you spend on manual payroll processes, you can enjoy the ROI over the period of time. It helps you to manage the strategic decision of the business, helps you to access information from one location and it improves the business operations. It is a wise decision to invest in 247HRM.

Reduce Costs

Increase Productivity

Employee Satisfaction

Employee Retention

Improved Time Management

Limited Resources


Witness the increased efficiency in your output using our HRMS & Payroll Software

Why 247HRM

247HRM is the most suitable HRMS and Payroll software that helps you to manage the HR functionalities of your business more effectively and efficiently.

Our aim is to avoid frauds and provide a secure payroll system

The company that still deals with manual record keeping and cash are under the potential risk of fraud. When the records are managed manually, the business does not have proper control and they are vulnerable to frauds and threats. It is difficult to track the cash transaction so comes the 247HRM the automated HRMS and Payroll software that helps you to track and have a control of your earnings and spending. It helps you to reduce the number of frauds and manage the money effectively.

We help you to manage the information effectively

When it comes to payroll, you have a lot of data to be processed. When the number of employees keeps increasing, you need to employ a better software to track and manage the entire payroll. Our software helps you to manage the information effectively and it calculates all the essential factors to decide the payroll. Over time, bonus, claims, settlements are included and processed efficiently without any manual intervention. It helps the business to manage the information most effectively. All reports are available in one click.

Our goal is to help employees and HR professionals

When the data is organized, it helps the HR professional and the employees to get the information they are looking for. Employees get a quick access to their employee report, payroll status and other information that’s easy to understand and access at any time. It saves their time as they don’t have to track the record and reports with the HR professionals. It also helps the HR professionals as they have access to the entire list of employees. - Payroll is processed quickly - Accurate tax calculation - Integrated system - Quick reports and reviews - Secured storage - Easy retrieval

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Payroll status screen with Salary Budgets


Sample report. Specifically the Pay Register


HR Dashboard


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Our HR & Payroll Software Prices in Kochi

We cater to company of any size be it small, medium or large

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Rs. 1999 Monthly
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Employees Included 30 30 30 30
Statutory Compliance
Leave Management Sytem
Attendance Management System
Employee Self Service
Asset Management
Greviance Management
Employee Document Management
Letter generation
Company Policy Documents
Digital Onboarding
Exit Management
Training Tracking
Applicant Tracking System
Travel & Expenses
Performance Management
Internal Social Feed Board
Mobile App Android
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Customizable Reports
Email Support (Ticeting)
Phone Support
Dedicated Support Personnel

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