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Time Tracking

Introducing 247HRM – a time tracking software solution from India’s leading Human Resource Management Expert.
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Timesheet Entry
  • Filter timesheets based on search criteria such as date range, user, project, client, status of time entry etc
  • Configure the timesheet system to show only tasks/projects that specific employees have access to
  • Customize time entry to meet your business rules, make remarks mandatory on time entries, flag time as billable or non-billable, capture billing rates etc
  • Include time entries for multiple projects on the same timesheet
  • Define the timesheet duration for your firm based on invoicing and reconciliation
Features To Add On
  • Create “schedule requests,” allowing users to request a change to their regular schedule
  • Utilize an integrated stopwatch-style timer for detailed capture of time spent on tasks and projects.
  • Submit timesheets from anywhere or restrict based on IP.
  • Create timesheets from scratch or save time using our clone feature
  • Generate alerts for overdue timesheets and/or overdue approvals. Disable submission of timesheets if they are delayed beyond a certain time frame.
  • Specify time types to provide additional granularity in reporting and tracking time, such as regular time, overtime, personal time and more
  • Integrate with our leave management solution to display leaves in the timesheet

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