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Why should businesses opt for payroll software?

Finances can get hard and payroll processing can be rough as the number of employees in a company increases. Payroll software can address this issue and streamline the process of payroll processing and manage the finances.

Simplifies your task

Running a business is tough as you are responsible for the efficiency of the business and you are also responsible for the outcome of the business. As a business owner, you don’t have to handle all the task. At times, you can seek the assistance of Payroll and HR software that helps you to manage the business efficiently.

Why 247HRM?

The payroll and Human Resource Management software can streamline the payroll process and ensure that finances are managed properly. 247HRM comes with a myriad of benefits as it simplifies the complication of bookkeeping and improves easy automation.

247HRM Software Features

247HRM helps you to manage the payroll process efficiently. It is accurate, saves time, enhances data security, improves employee satisfaction, easy to customize and automates the audit trail. 247HRM is the current generation Payroll and HR Management software that helps business to manage the payroll easily.

Why HRMS and PAYROLL software should be used in your Kolkata business?

Whether a small business or large organization, it is important to manage the payroll and other human resource functions. The payroll affects the net worth of the company and its taxation. So, it is important to look for accurate Payroll software and HRMS system that regulates the better functioning of the entire process. Strategic and smart decisions help in business growth and it also improves the business operations. An automated HRMS and Payroll system can help your Kolkata business to take the right decision on all aspects.


Trust the accuracy and timeliness

In-house payroll processing cannot be counted on for its accuracy and timeliness. Payroll involves a lot of procedure which might need data from multiple sources but when you automate the process with HRMS Payroll software in Kolkata, you can get all information from one source. The chances of duplications will be nil and the errors will be reduced. The system will also locate inaccuracies and error faster. You can easily make corrections and updates without changing the entire process. Using a software helps you to calculate the payroll with accuracy.

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Confidential details are handled with the highest Security

The payroll of the employees is confidential and highly sensitive. The HRMS and Payroll software will help you manage the process without any security issues. The data is highly secured and encrypted. You’ll be able to access the data only with multiple levels of security. Since the data is highly secured, you are not putting your company data at risk. The software also has multilevel security and access that allows only the right employees to access the confidential information.

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Visibility of Financial data

When you have to make a financial decision, you need to rely on data. With HRMS and Payroll software in place, you have maximum control over the financial data that helps you to make the decision. The data is accurate which simplifies the decision making without any assumptions. It helps you to avoid pulling records from various sources and looking for someone who has access to particular data. The visibility of accurate data helps you to save time and customize your business needs accordingly. It helps in proper planning and analyzing.


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payroll software in hyderabad by 247HRMs

One system to handle the entire workflow

247HRM is the best software that allows you to manage the entire workflow of human resource management at ease. It’s one point of contact for all the HR functions and it identifies and addresses the queries efficiently. It is cost saving and also highly efficient. The software will help you improve the return on investment of your Kolkata business as you can understand and identify the need for your business. In a single click, you can manage the entire payroll and HR process of the business that makes your work simple.

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Why 247HRM

247HRM is the best solution to simply the HR and Payroll process and it is the most preferred solutions in Kolkata.

Enjoy using our HRMS and Payroll software for your small and large business

There are many protocols to followed while creating a payroll and using 247HRM is the best way to manage the process. Manual inputs and verification of different parameters would be tiresome and its time consuming but the automated HR software helps you to track all the parameters and provide the accurate calculation in just a few clicks. The accuracy of data, reduction in redundancy and security is at its best if you use 247HRM.

Simplified processing

Company’s efficiency in managing the core business and other functions reveals the strength of the business. It is important for every company to be competitive in the market and it’s possible through 247HRM. Switching between multiple data, reporting, data analysis and many other benefits of this tool helps businesses to a great extent.

Increase your digital footprint

Since most of the businesses are moving towards the digital platform, it is important for your business to adapt to the digital front. Shifting focus to Payroll software and HRMS would help your business boldly shift to the digital world. Forget the traditional practices of accounting and bookkeeping and find more opportunities in the digital platform. Other benefits of 247HRM include; - Accuracy - Employee Satisfaction - Time-consuming - Automatic process - Customizable

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Our HR & Payroll Software Prices in Kolkata

We cater to company of any size be it small, medium or large

Choose The Plan Which Suits You The Best 247HRM SEED 247HRM SHOOT 247HRM SAPLING 247HRM TREE
Rs. 1499 Monthly
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Employees Included 30 30 30 30
Statutory Compliance
Leave Management Sytem
Attendance Management System
Employee Self Service
Asset Management
Greviance Management
Employee Document Management
Letter generation
Company Policy Documents
Digital Onboarding
Exit Management
Training Tracking
Applicant Tracking System
Travel & Expenses
Performance Management
Internal Social Feed Board
Mobile App Android
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Customizable Reports
Email Support (Ticeting)
Phone Support
Dedicated Support Personnel

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