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Are you looking for a patient information? Do you want to check the availability of staffs? Or manage the database of the staffs? Maintaining manual records may sound simple for fewer members but when your staff count is in hundreds, you need to rely on HRMS and payroll software designed especially for hospital and healthcare organizations. We at 247HRM have the best solution to improve the productivity of the workforce and improve the database management solutions in hospital and healthcare atmosphere.

All-in-one Solution for growing healthcare institutions

Forget paperwork! Manual entries are the age-old practice that’s no more suitable for the hospitals and healthcare institutions. Partner with 247HRM and enjoy our all-in-one HRMS and payroll solution exclusively customized for healthcare institutions. Change from multiple spreadsheets to our online solution. Forget the spreadsheets and paperwork! Move to our software solutions.

The decision to choose 247HRM

Save your time and money with our software solutions. 247HRM helps you to align the workforce so that you have time to prioritize the goal of your healthcare services. We help you to define the workflow of the hospital and help you to manage the data and improve better communication. Our software helps you to collect all the data and improve the potential of the workforce. It gives you the best HR experience.

Integrate HRMS and Payroll solution your hospital

247HRM allows you to integrate your healthcare workflow into the automated system easily. It’s scalable, flexible and easy to use. You can integrate the existing system into automated software solution and reap the benefits. The results are accurate and it helps you to manage your organization in a better way.

Solving the challenges of hospitals & healthcare management with HRMS and Payroll software

When doctors, pharmacists, and hospital administrators approached us with the complexities in their roles, we had an amazing solution for them! HRMS and Payroll software for hospitals & healthcare management were designed to smoothen the process and workflow of hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics.


How are hospitals able to manage each department manually?

Walk into the hospital and talk to the helpdesk and you will know the different departments available in the hospital or clinic. There are specialists to handle each issue.

When you are running a temperature, you need to consult a general physician. When you have symptoms of heart attack, you need to consult the cardiologist. The cardiologist would refer you to a surgeon if there’s a need for surgery and surgeons need the assistance of the anesthetist when they perform the surgery. There are too many departments and most of them are interdepended.

With too many departments in hospitals like the gynecologist, cardiologist, general physician, psychiatrists, ortho and more, it becomes difficult for the hospital admin to manage the staffs, doctors, and patients. Proper healthcare communications have become a need. HRMS and payroll software is the best way to automate and ease the healthcare processes.

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What are the common challenges of the healthcare industry?

  • Managing the staffs, doctors and the workforce
  • Payroll processing
  • Performance management
  • Attendance
  • Availability of doctors/medicines
  • Managing employee benefits
  • Self-service portals
  • HR management
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How our services help healthcare management?

We have helped our clients to implement successful HRMS and payroll solutions in their hospitals. Our HRMS and payroll software are well-integrated and it works efficiently to manage the operations at hospitals. Web-based attendance system, one point of contact for employee information, payroll, overtime calculation, attendance tracking, claims and employee benefit system, performance management and more. Our centralized HRMS software helps healthcare industry to concentrate on their services while we take care of the HR activities.


Witness the increased efficiency in your output using our HRMS & Payroll Software

How HRMS & Payroll solutions help healthcare and hospital?

247HRM is the most suitable HRMS and Payroll software that helps you to manage the HR functionalities of your business more effectively and efficiently.

Human resource plays a major role in every industry and hospitals is not left unattended! The human resource journey has been very challenging in the past few years and we provide HRMS and payroll solution to break the challenges. Consider the work environment in a hospital, you need to deal with multiple departments, different doctors, and numerous reports. It can be quite confusing to manage the staffs who work in different shifts and doctors who are available during different times.
247HRM has come up with an exclusive solution that helps you to manage the workforce consistently and take the healthcare to the next level. The role of HR in hospitals and healthcare centers are not merely recruitment and managing the employee records but the role of HR is to build a stronger organization culture, improve the strategic thinking and policies of the healthcare institute, improve the employee satisfaction and increase the Return of investment.
With numerous challenges in the HR department, the HR professionals are able to achieve promising results and improve the standard of the business by choosing HRMS and payroll solutions offered by 247HRM. By automating the HR process, providing remote access to employees, enabling self-service portal, managing the rules and regulations, eliminating human error, protection of user information and other services help the HR managers to work efficiently and concentrate on areas that would help the business to grow.

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Payroll status screen with Salary Budgets


Sample report. Specifically the Pay Register


HR Dashboard


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Hundreds of top Hospitals & Healthcare companies trust us to give them the right Payroll & HR Management Solution.

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Our HR & Payroll Software Prices for Hospitals & Healthcare

We cater to company of any size be it small, medium or large

Choose The Plan Which Suits You The Best 247HRM SEED 247HRM SHOOT 247HRM SAPLING 247HRM TREE
Rs. 1999 Monthly
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Employees Included 30 30 30 30
Statutory Compliance
Leave Management Sytem
Attendance Management System
Employee Self Service
Asset Management
Greviance Management
Employee Document Management
Letter generation
Company Policy Documents
Digital Onboarding
Exit Management
Training Tracking
Applicant Tracking System
Travel & Expenses
Performance Management
Internal Social Feed Board
Mobile App Android
Mobile App IOS
Customizable Reports
Email Support (Ticeting)
Phone Support
Dedicated Support Personnel

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Witness the increased efficiency in your output using our HRMS & Payroll Software

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