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HRMS Payroll Software – One Stop HR Solutions

Our HRMS Payroll software, brings together a host of complete HR solutions for the HR professional like Document Management, Salary Budgeting, Skill Bank, automated generation of letters and email, custom MIS & Trending reports. When used along with other modules documents, salaries, leave data etc. are automatically available to the entire HR ecosystem
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Document Management

This presents the simplest way to set up, maintain, and update personnel files of your employees. Maintain all the required files and employee correspondence electronically. Upload company documents & policies and make them accessible to employees on the Self Service Portal. Employee payslips can be automatically made available in the DMS as soon as HRMS payroll is run.

MIS Reports

Our fully customisable MIS Reports allow you to generate any report that you can envision using any data that has been captured in this vast suite of programs. Custom reports can be generated using a combination of 100+ employee & company parameters. Our trending reports can give you metrics on any trend in the company that you would like to see. From salary bills to attrition vs growth in easy to view charts. Our reports are fully customisable to your needs.

Salary Budgeting

It can be a complex, laborious and error-prone task. Having the right tool makes all the difference. 247HRM’s multiple what if scenarios helps management allocate pay adjustments across an organization with ease and come in within a budget.

Skill Management

More versatile than blunt metrics such as skills lists and headcounts, 247HRM’s skills inventory software solution gives you an intuitive interface which lets you find employees with the right blend of skills. Our fully customisable skill tree allows you to create skills and specialisations and assign each employee’s experience to this tree. We also capture qualifications and institutes from which they have received these qualifications. You can rate institute as well. So a person with the same skillset but from a better institute gets a higher relevance during a search.


247HRM allows you to automate mailing information to employees or generating employee letters. These emails can range from birthday greetings to payslips to advance, loan & leave details. No more need to go through multiple paper files to get details and then manually type out an email. -Just select the employee the details that you would like to email and 247HRM does the rest. You can email multiple employees with their details all at a click of a button.

Smart Search

Our relevance based employee search allows you to search your organisation for personnel wih the right skill set for a new position that may have opened up or to look at the average salaries of people with that skill set before making an offer to a new candidate to ensure that it is with in company norms.

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