Multicultural workforce involves men and women from diversified ethnic backgrounds from various parts of the globe. Multicultural workforce helps the employees to get great exposure regarding different customs and traditions which promote mutual respect. This environment allows employees to learn from other employees customs & traditions. Meeting people from diversified backgrounds helps us understand and navigate today’s connected the world with ease. Promoting oneness among the groups diminishes cultural discrimination during the hiring process. The Pro’s and Con’s to be considered during the recruitment of a multi-cultural workforce is as follows.

A great advantage to consider is a broader range of perspective will be developed on a wide range of  issues. Multi-dimensional thinking can be unleashed. According to a study “diversity in an organization  is responsible for better performance”. People with multicultural experience will be able to think from various viewpoints which ultimately allow getting a more holistic result. The connected 21-century workplace is a more diverse workplace as people with different backgrounds, race, ethnicity, religion, culture and disabilities work together as colleagues, partners, vendors & clients. This model of multiculturalism enables the recruiters in hiring a more effective and diverse workforce and create a culture that thrives on diversity.

Working with the people from diversified backgrounds and separate lifestyles enables managers to learn in a flexible work atmosphere. Managers today must learn to deal with and handle cnlifts & quirks that come from the interaction between cultures, customs & traditions. Proper use of diversity an organization promotes innovative solutions to the problems as they simplify the decision-making process. The main advantage of diversity is, a problem can be viewed from different angles instead of a single opinion.  When different dimensions of a problem are understood, the path to the best solution is arrived at quickly.

A multi-cultural workforce can be considered as the greatest asset to an organization and has become an essential business concern. Rapid globalization was mainly responsible for workforce diversity through the emergence of technology. Technology erased the barriers of ethnicity and cultural diversity. It paved a way of uniformity and brought the concept of the global village.

Team building activities allow organizations to integrate different cultures & values into their workforce and create global teams that work together with ease.

Workforce diversity will be an integral part of any successful organization.

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