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Why Social Media Network Is Being Considered The Next Gen Recruiting Platform

The Human Resources function in organizations has been undergoing tremendous change in recent years. From being largely paper pushers trying to manage the operational needs of colleagues much of the HR function of large and mid-sized organizations have been automated. Functions such as Leave management, Document management, Help desks, Performance management, Talent Management etc. have gone online and dramatically improved the efficiency of the HR...

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How does Data Management play a crucial role in decision making of HR managers

Businesses need to be able to crunch all the data with efficient data management whether they collect or view them as charts & graphs to be able to understand its performance and act accordingly. Easy access to metrics is vital to the decision-making capabilities of the management. Analysis of HR data is crucial to helping an organization get a pulse on its most important asset (it’s...

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Recruitment Software India

Hiring talented people is a crucial task in creating a strong workforce, But this strenuous work can be considered as only one-half of the story. Retaining skilled employees is another decisive phase which plays a major role in creating a talented and skilled workforce. Employee retention is another key aspect of a developing company, as you put time, effort and investment in hiring as many...

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HR and Payroll Insights

Expense management is a task which every company should take seriously and be quick at, the reason being it allows the employee to purchase a much-needed item or service for your business when you need it. Understanding this need we at 247HRM have reinvented Expense management. Gone are those days when organizations could wait to take decisions on purchasing services, approving travel etc. Employees had to...

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Benefits Of HR Outsourcing Services

In the present day scenario, many corporates are seen outsourcing  their HR functions. Day by day, the HR functions are becoming more complex and time-taking. It is making no sense to recruit larger numbers of employees in your HR department and increasing the company liabilities. There are many tasks in HR that can be easily outsourced with same or larger benefits than having one’s own...

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time management software

Multicultural workforce involves men and women from diversified ethnic backgrounds from various parts of the globe. Multicultural workforce helps the employees to get great exposure regarding different customs and traditions which promote mutual respect. This environment allows employees to learn from other employees customs & traditions. Meeting people from diversified backgrounds helps us understand and navigate today's connected the world with ease. Promoting oneness among...

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Measure your result with your performance appraisal software

Now it is easy to measure your performance and evaluate yourself & your team using performance management software. This tool helps you quantify performance across the board. It allows you to acknowledge the contributions of your best performers who meet or exceed their goals and reward them accordingly thereby showing their value to the team, department, and organization. This simple effective performance recognition system encourages...

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hr management software demo

In the present day scenario, many corporates are seen to go for the outsourcing of their Payroll functions and adopting HR automation. Day by day, the HR functions are becoming more complex and time-taking. It makes no sense to recruit larger numbers of employees in your HR department to handle mundane activities like Creation of letters Handling simple employee queries Manually capturing & approving Income...

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