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Three Common Payroll Problems And How To Handle Them

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Three Common Payroll Problems And How To Handle Them

We’ve all experienced the payroll headaches of time wasted from manually entering in handwritten time cards, identically entering in the data twice or correcting countless mistakes on paychecks from simple miscalculations.

Why go through another pay period like this, when you could ensure that you saved time and money by doing things right the first time?

Here are three common payroll problems that can be corrected with myHRsuite.

Human calculation error

Problem: Wouldn’t payroll management be simpler if all you had to do was multiply the hourly rate by the number of hours worked? However, you need to account for unemployment insurance, state and taxes, paid time off, health insurance or other benefits.

All of these factors leave plenty of room for miscalculation.

Solution: With myHRsuite, you can guarantee that those records are safe, accurate and organized.

The wireless unit sends digital time records directly to your office, automatically, every hour. So you’ll be able to manage time records and job-site data, understand labor trends and work patterns and eliminate payroll errors with records you can read and trust in Employee attendance software.

Manual data entry

Problem: Even if you’ve been able to master your payroll tax rules, you need to be sure you don’t skip some of the less complicated steps of running payroll solutions, like giving an employee a check with bonuses or payday advances, and forgetting to record that check in your payroll processing system.

This simple error will leave your books off balance and your tax deposits in disarray.

Small business owners have been known to overpay or underpay an employee because they were in too big of a hurry to check their calculations or worse, they may forget to run payroll altogether.

Solution: With myHRsuite, you can stop overtime before it happens and know who’s on the job site from your office with attendance tracking.

Clocking in and out takes just seconds. Just touch the green Keytab to the center of the time clock to punch in and a red Keytab to punch out, so you won’t have to worry about deciphering sloppy handwritten time cards ever again.

Time and attendance software will eliminate any double data entry mistakes by gathering the records for you digitally.


Problem: With paper time cards, processing payroll could take hours of data. Since the time cards were always kept at the job site, you’d either have to send someone to pick them up or waste your own gas and do it yourself.

Solution: With myHRsuite, you can save on fuel costs and drive time by wirelessly sending digital time records directly to your office, so you won’t have to drive to the work site to pick up the time cards or wait for the driver to deliver them.

You also won’t have to waste hours manually processing paper time cards with Employee management software gathering the records for you digitally, significantly reducing your payroll processing time.

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