Performance Management

Saves time, paper and effort involved in tracking appraisals. Helps employees in career development with highly-relevant feedback.

“Good leaders make people feel that they’re at the very heart of things, not at the periphery”- Warren Bennis

Since the goals of Individuals tie in with the Organization’s goals and result in collective success, it is important that we manage them more regularly and effectively. Goal management is easily possible with Winzard Goal Achiever Module.

Winzard gives you an interactive platform to help break goals or objectives into subgoals and work plans while facilitating support and managing challenges on a regular basis. This builds employee ownership, accountability and gives the manager insights that help in monitoring progress.

  • Goals: Set goals and sub goals
  • Work Planning: Each gola should be broken into work plans by the individual
  • Check-Ins: Indicidual gives update and calls out challenges/support needed
  • Interactive with Supervisor: Regular weekly updates by individual and reviewd by the manager
  • Ready for assessment: Summarises and showcases progress for an informed appraisal

A person’s ownership quotient is higher when he or she associates themselves with the journey and explores the path. Our Work-planning feature which is a subset to Goals empowers them to look at facts, options and decide on suitable methods to achieve the goal. While most Organisations set goals for employees either using a formal or informal framework, it is essential for employees to understand the goals, relate with them and nuances of the goals being given to them so that they have the clarity needed while working towards achieving them. Therefore, goal setting is an important exercise at any Organisation. If this exercise does not result in setting the expectations well, the employee ownership quotient may take a hit. Subgoals are like time based milestones within the goal period and this timeline helps the employee and management to check whether goal achievement is at risk or on-track. One could choose to break the goal into monthly, quarterly or half-yearly subgoals. Workplans are the methods planned by the employee to achieve the goal. For example: to achieve a goal, you may have to do a few activities like design, sell at communities, manage a vendor, conduct a survey etc. Each of these are workplans planned and implemented. Effectively, if an employee achieves the subgoals and workplans, their probability to achieve the goal increases. The user also can ask for supervisor intervention, submit a comment or seek help on a work plan. Such information is accessed by the supervisor and thus a more informed supervision and guidance can be given curated to the needs of the individual. Winzard workplans help supervisors check-in with their team members with ease. Winzard Goal Achiever Module allows individuals rate (by clicking on a scale given next to the subgoal) their subgoals depending on the subgoal frequency. The system sends a reminder on email for submitting the rating. This acts like a very quick review of self-performance. This is then followed up by the supervisor submitting the rating for the subgoal. Effectively, this should not take more than a min per subgoal.

Winzard understands that employee technical and behavioural competencies are the driving factor for achievement and so in addition to performance metric-based goals, the organisation could set competencies for each job family (a set of employees who are required to showcase a similar set of competencies).

Winzard has an insights section in the Goal Achiever tool that helps individuals, supervisors and leaders with real-time insights pertaining to subgoals and workplans.

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