Many employees in recent years have expressed that they value certain perks even over higher pay. Many companies have gone wild with perks, offering things like game rooms and even full kegs for employees to enjoy at any time. With the fast-changing work atmosphere, it can be difficult to know just what means the most to employees.

Open and Frequent Communication

While not usually considered a perk, many employees identified open communication as the most important thing that they would like to see evolve in the workplace. This “perk” is free for employers and can really help to boost productivity and satisfaction while also helping to lower turnover. Having an “open door” policy and allowing employees to communicate through electronic messaging can make employees feel more satisfied with the quality of communication within the company.

Flexible Schedules and Time Off

Employees often feel that they are missing out on life when they have to miss important events because of a work schedule. Netflix and several other companies have begun to offer unlimited paid time off as long as employees handle work tasks, and those companies report good results. Allowing employees to take time off as they see fit can lower stress levels and create a culture of trust.

Of course, flexible scheduling and unlimited time off do not work for every business model. Retail and restaurants, for example, need employees to be present for a certain number of hours. However, even in jobs like these, employers and managers can work to schedule with flexibility so that employees are able to make it to important events.

Free Food or Catered Lunches

As with flexible scheduling, free food is a perk that may make sense for certain companies and not others. In a restaurant setting, free lunch when working is an easy perk to offer that can make employees feel valued and may even help to mitigate theft. In an office setting, catered lunch may make sense for larger companies where employees are required to work long hours.

Wellness Programs and Health Perks

Many companies have jumped on the bandwagon to begin offering wellness programs, gym memberships, fully covered insurance plans, and other health perks. These perks help employees to feel their best and stay their healthiest, which can be extremely beneficial for a workplace. Absence rates may drop and productivity may increase as a result of health perks like these.

Freebies and Fun Stuff

After working with certain products or performing certain services for so long, many employees like to be able to enjoy the benefits of whatever the company is offering. Whether that be magazine subscriptions, haircuts, car repairs, events tickets, or the like, most employees feel more appreciated if they are allowed to enjoy company offering free of charge. Employees may also appreciate freebies like free technology that can be used for personal tasks if these things are needed for the job.

The specific perks that will draw employees to a job and help boost retention may vary greatly from job to job. However, employees will always value their time off and appreciate assistance with creature comforts and physical needs. Taking a survey of which perks employees value may help you to narrow down the specific perks that are right for your company.

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