What transforms boring and colorless workplace into a lively and amicable space is the sheer presence of people whom you can address as your friends. Your work life becomes all-the-more bearable when you tend to work with a group of people you can easily relate to and things become even more pleasant when you tend to find your best-friend among your group of colleagues. No matter how many wonderful hours you’ve spent with your colleague cum best friend, there is all likelihood that challenging work environment would impose many situations that can ruin your friendship forever. One of the most dreadful situations that have the potential of testing your friendship is when your best friend becomes your boss at work.

A number of people encounter this awful situation while keeping bitterness in their heart and frustration in their minds and end up creating a ruckus of their professional and personal life. Surely, the fact that your dearest best friend who used to be your peer at work is now your superior is hard to digest but this awkward situation can be handled with maturity and wisdom by keeping a few things in mind. If you’ve been or are in a situation where your best friend is acting as your boss at work, follow the below listed ways through which you can handle this situation with utmost perfection.

  • Acknowledge the fact that things are going to change now

Sharing intimate conversations and explicit talks with your best friend at work might be a routine affair for you until now but as soon as your best friend becomes your boss, things would certainly take a different shape. Being your superior, your friend would certainly have to behave like one and would obviously not be able to spend that much of time with you on the professional front. The sooner you acknowledge this change, the better things are going to turn out for you both on personal and professional front.

  • Even the conversations would change

There is going to be a drastic change in the way your friend would converse with you in the work environment and that is because he is no more your peer but your boss. Try and understand his situation and restrictions and don’t weigh your best friend with immature expectations in order to safeguard your friendship and professional standing.

  • Your boss would not always appreciate you

Just because your boss tends to be your best friend doesn’t mean that he’ll appreciate you for every assignment you do. The fact that you are best friends implies that he/she likes you to the core but if they are rational individuals, they would never mix up their personal opinion with professional decisions. Be ready to hear few harsh words from your favorite person in case your work is not up to the mark and acknowledge the fact that your best buddy is doing his job diligently without any personal bias.

  • Draw a definite line between your personal and professional life

In order to avoid all kinds of drama and emotional wreck, you need to draw a line between your professional and personal life in case your boss happens to be your best friend. Stay within the professional lines while dealing with your boss and make sure to be your true self while chilling with your best-friend post work. It is definitely possible to restore your relationship while being best-friend’s with your boss, all you need to do is accept this very fact and take things in your stride with utmost maturity.

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