In the present day scenario, many corporates are seen to go for the outsourcing of their Payroll functions and adopting HR automation. Day by day, the HR functions are becoming more complex and time-taking. It makes no sense to recruit larger numbers of employees in your HR department to handle mundane activities like

  • Creation of letters
  • Handling simple employee queries
  • Manually capturing & approving Income tax projections
  • Reviewing expense requests and maintain bills
  • Handling loans
  • Tracking leave balances and accruals
  • Creating attendance from biometric machines & manual registers and adding in your late, early policies
  • Running payroll (a monthly activity which will likely require a majority of your team to stop all other HR functions)

HR automation in tandem with the outsourcing of payroll allows your HR team to focus on core HR functions. You can get all the focal points from us. Have a look at the needs that have influenced the outsourcing & automation of some of these Human Resources functions:

  1. Focus on Business needs: This allows you to run a leaner HR team which is fully focused on core HR functions like Business strategy, manpower planning, Talent management, Talent acquisition and most importantly employee satisfaction.
  1. Ad-hoc requests: There may be a sudden requirement of a specific report due to an audit or the management team may need to understanding the impact of a new statutory policy. An in-house HR team would need to divert its attention from more important tasks to handle these requirements. An outsourcing team will be better geared to handle such ad-hoc requests efficiently.
  1. Exits from the in-house team: If an HR person suddenly leaves the organization, the areas which he had been handling tend to suffer. If he/she was handling critical & time sensitive functions like employee compensation this can hamper the efficiency of not only the HR team but the entire organization as all management & HR bandwidth will have to be focused on generating & delivering accurate payroll on time.  A proper replacement has to be recruited, inducted & trained. If you have an outsourced company doing the job, you can be assured that you do not stand the risk of the sensitive job areas getting affected.
  1. Transparency:  HR automation will ensure that transparency in HR processes increases building up employee morale while simultaneously giving hr & management teams quick access to metrics that will allow them to make quick decisions on strategy.
  1. Accuracy & compliance: Having access to experts in the domain will ensure that you comply with all statutory norms & will ensure that your employee’s payroll is always accurate and on time

The above are the major benefits that have been enjoyed by many organizations who have opted for outsourcing & automation. We, in particular, have been adhering on to these methods and have successfully satisfied our clients with our exceptional service and error free data production.

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