In the global scenario it has become very difficult to choose the appropriate candidate for the right profile. Therefore there are many tests through which a candidate has to go through to prove his capabilities as well his truthfulness towards his disclosures. Pre-Employment screening is one such process where employer verifies the truth in the disclosed facts such as

  • education, qualification, job history and performance
  • knowledge about the character and behavior of employee towards his early employers
  • legal eligibility to ensure that the employee has no criminal records and is not barred from taking up a job

Thus the employer ensures that whatever the candidate has revealed in his Curriculum Vitae, recruitment tests and interviews are practically correct.

How Pre-Employment Screening mitigates the risk

  1. Protection from bad hires: Your organization is saved from hiring the unsuitable candidate for the job. If you would not have conducted this test then believing upon the facts of the employee you would have hired him and then later on after discovering the facts you would certainly repent on your investment that you did on training resources, salary and perquisites.
  2. Safe Work Environment: a person who has taken a fraud entrance in the organization can not be guaranteed to be reliable. He may have some evil purpose to be a part of the organization. Thus pre employment screening tests certainly helps the HR in building a safe work environment and giving a healthy culture to its employees.
  3. Improve Productivity: Experience is the nutrient present in the food of education. It is true that experience teaches a lot of things which mere theoretical education can’t but you can taste the nutrients of experience only if you have consumed the food of education. Thus a person who does not even meet up your standards of qualification desired for the work profile and have forged his particulars can not be regarded as a suitable person. A good, qualified and mature employee can improve the productivity and goal achieving capability of the organization.
  4. Reduction in Employee turnover and costs: an evil intention can not build a healthy future. The employee who has been selected without pre-screening tests can not stay in the organization for long duration. Sooner or later he will be revealed. As this point of time either you will terminate him or he would leave on his own. Whatever it is, the ultimate effect will result in increased employee turnover. But a pre-screening test can certainly contribute in lowering the employee turnover and also the costs that otherwise would have been wasted on fraudster employee.
  5. No Negligent Hiring: You as an employer can be held liable for the injuries caused by employees if it is proved that employer failed to take reasonable care in employment selection process. Thus this test can save you from such litigations.


Thus pre-screening test has a lot to contribute to the organization because only better candidates turn into better employees.

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