Even through the importance of any organizational functions cannot be diminished. It can safely be said that no organization can be complete without its employees. The only function that deals with the employees directly as resources is the HRM function of the organization. This function plays an unparallel role in developing the corporate culture. It is only by the virtue of Human Resource Management that the formal and informal relationships within the organization are established. These set of relationships go a long way in developing the nature of interaction that employees have with their peers and superiors. Any investment made into human resource management is actually an investment made in the strengthening of corporate culture. With all this said, it is safe to conclude that human resource management plays a very important role in developing and maintaining teams in an organization.

No organization can succeed without the presence of efficient teams within the organization. Hence team building is very important for any organization. In any formal work environment, informal relationships are bound to develop. These are a result of the personal rapport that people in an organization share with each other. It is these informal relationships and not the formal ones that drive people to work in teams. Once personal rapport is established in an organization, any information or task can spread across the organization in no time at all. Such is the importance of team building in the smooth functioning of an organization.

However, while sometime this team building may not require exclusive efforts. At times there may be a need of putting isolated efforts into team building in an organization. Hence HR department may have to develop exclusive programs which can promote team building in an organization. This becomes particularly important when teams do not involve spontaneously in an organization. For this to be done such programs may have to be developed which help manager to develop an understanding of each other. Once they come to know each other, only then informal relationships and team building can be expected. The investment made in team building can never be considered as a cost. Once an organization is able to develop strong team culture in an organization, it will play an immense role in improving the return on investment. Hence eventually all the cost incurred in team building will be recovered.

Once such efforts are initiated in an organization people get additional opportunities to know each other. These opportunities help them develop informal relationships in which they can share work related issue. Once such efforts are made, it becomes easier for the employees to work around the guidelines and deadlines as they no more feel alone. This results in a culture of trust and ownership in the organization.

Hence it is well understood that the organization cannot do without an effective HR department which facilitates team building in an organization. Hence spending made on such efforts must be considered as an investment, which is sure to lead to higher profits in the future.

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