Strategies for Coping with a Difficult Boss

Managing the day-to-day office work and issues can become a challenge if you have to deal with a difficult boss making your life miserable. What should an employee do in such a situation? How to, control these issues? The ultimate goal under such circumstances is to make the most of the favorable factors to get along smoothly. Following are some strategies that the senior employees generally implement to deal with these problems.


Is Your Boss Really that Bad? How do you know?


One of the major decisive factors before assorting to any remedial measures is to reach the conclusion about your boss and his attitude. This is particularly important if you are a new employee. May be you are hasty in drawing conclusion. Take a note on the behavior of your boss and the reason of showing the bitter attitude. Your actions to curb the problem will entirely depend on the attitude towards any situation you are involved. Some of the signs of being a bad boss may include taking credit for your hard work, purposely leaving you with poor feedback, unnecessary bullying, intrusive behavior etc.


Communicate with the Boss about your Difficulties


Sometimes, the administrators and managers are too strict and create pressure in their attempt to motivate the employees or create a productive work atmosphere. Communicate directly with the person to let him know about your difficulties with such situations. Too much of pressure and directions are often uncomfortable for the employees. Often this sort of direct interaction is helpful in resolving the misunderstanding and overcome the difficulties.


Seek Cooperation and Assistance


Often the issues may arise while passing instructions, mentoring, work monitoring, and the work process execution. If you feel that the problems are rising out of work issues and nothing personal, ask for assistance in your work when you have problem. Make sure to be humble and polite in your gesture to win over the situation.




Often a verbal instruction may be hard to understand. When taking instructions, try to create documentation preferably on the computer and ask for confirmation via email from your boss. This will help to escape unnecessary issues if there are controversies later.


Punctuality with the Deadlines


Often the problems may arise with the project delays and work progress. Every work comes with a deadline. Stay ahead in managing the tasks well in time to diminish the reasons that the boss may exploit for showing bad behavior. This will make him understand that you are an efficient employee and dedicated towards your duties.


Leaving the job due to the cold behavior from the boss is not often the solution. In this age of competition, retaining a prospective job opportunity is always the vital need for your career development. There is always a solution to the situation arising in the quarrels and embarrassment. Do take your time to note the attitude of the boss to the fellow employees. Do not trust the others blindly. Sometimes, fellow employees do take measures to create differences in their own interest. Make sure you speak wisely to everyone and understand the intentions clearly.

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