In the modern world, employers want that their employees should possess good work related understanding but they should also possess good character. That is why they run an employee background check for verifying that everything such as facts, documents and other things that employee has provided are real or not. Most of the people are intimidated by this process but if they have provided correct information about their qualifications and other things then there is nothing to worry. There are so many reasons why employer checks employee background and these are:


  1. Legal Issues – It might defer from state to state but most of the employers verify that the candidate should not have any legal issues during or before they have applied for the job. There are many cases where people hide this information and they have committed serious crimes in past. It is very clear that other people will never like to work with criminals. However, in many states employers have to follow strict law of equality and they have to give people equal opportunity to work.


  1. Terrorist activity – It is very common that terrorist activities have increased rapidly and if any employee of company participates in such activities then employers will face serious troubles. That is why most of the employers make sure that any candidate that they are hiring hasn’t taken any part in terrorist activities throughout their life.


  1. Previous Scandals – There are many cases where people commit scams in their working places and then apply for some other places and does the same thing again. That is why employers specially run background check about the candidate in their previous work places. Most of the time employers only verify the last place where candidate have worked but many verify about candidates on every level.


  1. Federal Jobs – If you are applying for federal or state jobs then you will face background check for sure because there are many departments that have secret information that should never reach anywhere else. Background check is also very important because government wants that they should gather all the accurate information about person before hiring them for the particular role.


  1. Authentic information – Employers always feel that people should provide authentic information and they verify it from the places where they have completed their qualification. They have the right to seek the degree or certificates that you have shown are genuine. However, they don’t have the right to seek your financial information and other things about your personality.

Here are some things that are included in background check –

  1. Drug test records
  2. Character reference
  3. Credit Record
  4. Driving records and vehicle registration
  5. Criminal record
  6. Court Record
  7. Social Security number
  8. Educational documents
  9. Neighbor interviews
  10. Sex Offender lists (from previous workplaces and educational places)
  11. Property ownership
  12. Incarceration records
  13. Medical fitness certificate

Hence, you should prepare yourself beforehand and provide accurate information about each and everything that employer has demanded for securing your job and enjoy your career!

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