With the ever expanding corporate sector, there is a need to fill the increasing vacancies with talented people. In order to ensure the success of any organization, it is essential that the workforce that is hired has the desirable qualification and experience. The workforce is the most important resource of any organization. Proper mobilization of this resource will bring about an accelerated growth in the organization. If all of this has to be achieved then an organization has to carefully plan the process of resource mobilization as far as employee recruitment is concerned. With the increasing emphasis that is being laid on outsourcing it is true that many corporate houses are becoming increasingly dependent on the same. However, the role of the top officials of the organization cannot be ignored either.

Whenever recruitment is outsourced we can stay assured that the job is in the hands of a specialist and more often than not will be done in the best possible manner. Further the consultants who hold domain expertise have bring the added advantage of high energy and drive which supports them to meet the industry requirement.

With the baby boomers set to enter the grey years, the emerging challenge is to attract new generation of workers. The new generation of workers who are more technology savvy and up to date can be more easily reached and influenced by the use of technology. Given such a scenario using technology to hire new employees is becoming a trend.

Resource mobilization can best take place when the relationship between the consultants and the parent company is of partnership. It is when the consultant is treated like a partner that he/she gets more involved in the process. It is an undeniable fact that with every passing year the competition of hiring best employees is going to intensify. Hence it is essential to attract the best employees while there is still time.

Resource mobilization is HR can also be carried out by using hiring metrics. These are able to provide real time information which can be converted into action almost instantly. These metrics help the recruiter to better understand the prevailing position in the organization and what all needs to be done to improve the same.

Another strategy which can be of long term benefit as far as recruitment is concerned is employer branding. Employer branding goes a long way in distinguishing a particular brand and preventing any negative news from spreading. Further, since more and more people of the present generation are engaging in social media in some form or the other, it has the potential of serving as a platform for recruitment as well. Profiles on LinkedIn are a great example of the same.

Another recruitment tool which can gain major boom in the coming years is the mobile platforms. With more and more people using mobiles, they have become a major way in which recruiters can engage with prospective employees.

Following all or few of these strategies can go a long way in bringing about effective resource mobilization.

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