Rajya Sabha approves Wage Code bill providing minimum wages for workers

Parliament on Friday, July 30, 2019, passed the Wage Code bill to enable the introduction of a minimum wage for every worker among both formal and informal sector workers. It also passed the provision for no discrimination based on gender in either recruitment or payment of wages.

This bill has the potential to improve women labour force participation rate in the country. It will universalize minimum wage for all workers in the country, stated the Labour Minister Santosh Gangwar. The discussion around this bill lasted for approximately three hours following the participation of 22 Parliamentarians belonging to different political parties.

85 members were in favor and 8 members were against the passage of the Code on Wage Bill, 2019 in Rajya Sabha.

Wage Code holds significance as it is the first labor code that amalgamates four existing labor laws into one- Payment of Wages Act, Payment of Bonus Act, Equal Remuneration Act, and Minimum Wages Act. It makes way for the consolidation of more labour legislation in the upcoming days.

After its enactment, all the four mentioned Acts would be revoked.

Gangwar said while drafting the bill the Minister said the government has accepted 17 out of the 24 recommendations proposed by the Standing Committee.

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