Payroll Outsourcing Companies in India

About Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll management has substantial value for many companies. Managing a company’s payroll process is known to be stressful, even for experts. One of the things that they usually do is to outsource and manage their payroll. Outsourcing to a reliable and professional payroll outsourcing company in India would be a great advantage. It allows companies to remain focused on their business affairs & facilitates in making sure employee satisfaction through accurate and timely pay. Outsourcing these services can also reduce costs, save time, and ensure the taxes are calculated correctly.

Employing a payroll outsourcing company in India has many advantages that can make administrative business tasks easier. One of the greatest things about outsourcing that particular job is that you can use internal resources that have been freed up from this task to complete demanding tasks and accomplish business goals there by improving staff productivity.

Features of payroll outsourcing

  • On time & Error free Payroll
  • Accurate Tax calculations
  • Stress free statutory compliance
  • Statutory filing (PF, PT, ESI, LWF, 24Q, Form 16 etc)
  • Access to experts who keep abreast with the latest tax laws to ensure that you are always compliant
  • Access to Employee Self Service tools to help reduce your HR workload further
  • Access to Statutory reports
  • Quick access to MIS reports as needed

What are some questions you should ask before choosing a payroll service provider?

  • What is included and was is not included with the service plan?
  • Can I take a look at a demo of how your solution works?
  • Can you process different types of taxes?
  • How will I get billed for your services?
  • Who or how can I contact you if I have a question?
  • Can I make changes after the payroll has been processed? If so, is there a timeframe to make changes?
  • Do I have an assigned specialist or will I be working with a different professional every time?

Payroll Outsourcing Prices

Payroll outsourcing charges in India depend on the extent of services you plan to outsource and the kind of packages outsourcing companies are offering you. The primary form of payment is a fixed fee where you can expect to pay Rs.1,000/- to Rs.2,000/- per month for the basic package and for a limited set of employee count. If your employee count is on a higher side then companies usually charge for a minimal fee for every employee on a monthly basis. This per employee charge ranges from Rs.20/- to Rs.100/-.

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