As Humanity is trying to grapple with the effects of the coronavirus situation, many organizations are attempting to work from home. For these companies keeping a track of attendance of remote employees is a gruelling task. Manually keeping track of remote attendance is almost impossible. For employees who are attending office using biometric devices is extremely dangerous due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic. Using an Online Attendance Management system helps you track remote employees accurately and mitigate the risks associated with using biometric devices while allowing your payroll team to remain efficient while working form home. Here are some of the benefits of using an Online Attendance Management System.

Easily Log Working Hours

With an online attendance management system, employees will be able to log their own working hours easily. They can clock in and out from anywhere through the web or their mobiles. Also, online attendance management systems allow you to customize attendance policies to be more flexible for remote work taking into account shifts, time spent etc. You can restrict Attendance capture to specific IP Addresses to ensure that the system only captures attendance while you are working from an authorised location.

Capture Time spent based on projects and tasks

While Working from Home, it may be difficult to track what employees are working on. While at office a lot of verbal communication and looking over a employees sholder helps ensure that people are doing what is expected of them. Managing what tasks your employees are doing and how much time is going into those tasks becomes much harder while they are remote. With web based timesheets, projects can be easily planned and assigned to your employees, even when they work remotely. These timesheets can be shared digitally for approval, and employees can add their working hours right from their mobile devices or desktops from home.

Remote Employee Payroll made simple

Processing payroll for employees who are working from home is difficult. Multiple dimensions need to be looked into. Not only hours spent but efficiency of the work done is important. When the employee attendance is captured via emails or verbal communication it becomes subjective and prone of mistakes. Using 24HRM you can log hours spent via the web or mobile app and you can check employee efficiency using data from timesheets. Leaves can be tracked online as well.

247HRM’s web-based attendance management system will consolidate attendance across different sources including

  • Web attendance capture via web and mobile
  • Attendance regularisation
  • Shift management
  • Leave Management
  • Physical attendance tracking systems including Biometric, Face scanners, RFID readers etc

These will become a valuable automated input for payroll processing and help your HR & Finance teams save valuable time while generating payroll.

Improves transparency

The fear of paying for time that is not spent on work is one of the main reasons why organizations have been reluctant to offer Work from Home options to employees. With an online attendance management system total working hours and project hours can be clocked using mobile and web applications by employees. These are then sent for approval if needed making the whole process transparent. This holds employees accountable for the hours spent and efficiency of work completed while working from home. They can also review their attendance online, reducing their dependency on the HR team.

Access to Insights

247HRM’s Web attendance management system provides access to a multitude of reports based on the available attendance data. By using insights provided by these reports you can better understand the effectiveness of your work from home plan and make course corrections to improve your company’s productivity. Analytics and reports based on timesheets submitted will help you understand if your employee’s productivity has increased or decreased while working from home.

Using a web-based attendance management system allows your employees ad your payroll teams to work on the same set of data. This avoids confusion since your teams are now widely dispersed and helps reduce tickets and bounce backs to the HR team.

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