he past year has gone by with more of pressure and stress in the workplace which includes the economy, long work hours and job cuts. This year every organization is expected to lower the risks which were taken in the past in order to optimise their employees work. All over the world human resource (HR) teams are trying to keep up with pace. Reinventing the fundamentals of HR will be the only way to have a competitive advantage.

Talent Acquisition Challenge

Though the impact of automation is visible in the past few years, It might soon become a cause for worry, this is especially in countries like India with respect to its service industries. The talent acquisition will enter a new phase as many tasks of an will get automated, and now people will need specific skills to get employment or move up in their career. And, If once the talent is a part of workforce, retaining it will also require a constant effort from the HR team. The HR teams might have to look at the related industries to hire the talent with an extra effort.


Organizations traditionally train their employees, but now, the responsibility will move to the employees. While skilled personal will be good at certain roles, companies will have to look at people who are curious to learn and explore more about job roles that they aspire to. These are the ones who can seamlessly move from one role to the other. A mix of apprenticeships as well as learning via online courses or certifications are needed to stay relevant in the rapidly changing professional scenario.

Going Digital is the future

As more talented professionals join the organized workforce, HR’s at some point will  have  to employ analytics in order to understand the needs of people in a more customized, individual-specific manner, and to provide solutions through the use of mobile technology and move to newer platforms. The possibilities here are endless: mobile-friendly platforms for communication, performance management system, continuous feedback system and pulse surveys, easier HR systems, automated processes and the list continues.

Redefining diversity

Diversity shouldn’t just be demographic. Today the practice of people spending almost their entire working lives in one company is slowly coming to an end, the freelance industry will get a solid boost. A diverse workforce will now mean a new mix of full-time and freelance employees, young and old

Performance management parameters

Ideas like performance ratings, year-end rankings and reviews will become obsolete. Continuous communication between the employee and their managers, clients, and HR will become important. Performance will now be measured through every aspect of the employee’s life cycle in a company, starting from how he/her was welcomed, how his/her work hours are, the reviews coming from his/her manager or his/her peers.

Work space modifications

Lack of privacy is among the foremost complaint among employees. Not many companies have been able to manage collaboration with privacy. This year, organizations will now have to consider employees needs for a variety of settings. “Instead of providing only an open-plan work settings, organizations should focus to create settings in which people have a mix of both open and structured spaces.

Concentrate on data analytics

Since companies have become more and more reliant on technology, every step of the employee life-cycle gets recorded with the organization. Today the extent of data available with the HR team goes beyond the date of joining and remuneration increase. data analytics will also enable HR to correlate reasons for attrition and client loss, for instance. This data can be used to improve employee retention, increasing efficiency, employee morale etc and ultimately build an organisation which commands employee and client loyalty.

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