Seeing the last year’s trend, 2016 has raised a new debate on whether any layman person could take recruitment as his/her career. The big answer is NO. Recruitment is a very specialized field. Just like organisations look for core Marketing, Finance & Operation professionals, similar is the need to have trained recruiter.

Here are 6 things, Senior HR Leaders of organisations need to look at, when it comes to hiring trained recruiters, before they think anybody can take care of their recruitment process.

1. Recruiters are best at Networking

Networking is an art. And a most crucial part of the job role of recruiters. Depending on the type of business, recruiters are always keen to build connected community with a wide demography. Well known recruiters are always important for hiring events, brand awareness and spreading the word that the organisation is hiring. Not just offline, well trained recruiters are able to connect with candidates through social networks, which most other professionals fail to even utilise, let alone untrained hands.

2. Recruiters maintain coordination with all the teams

Keeping a healthy communication and coordination with all the teams within the organization are traits of trained professional recruiters only. Recruiters are able to connect well with co-workers to pass along referrals. They are able to coordinate with team managers to gather new requirements, understand the need and roll out job profiles accordingly. Trained recruiters take numbers seriously in terms of right inflow of candidates, number of interviewers required and correct estimation of time required to close a position.

3. Recruiters are trained to be patient

Not anybody can carry a good level of patience. Specially when it comes to calling hundreds of candidates in a single day, explain them about the current job openings. Though the temptation may be to cut-short the conversation or avoid conversation totally but it’s important to sit back and listen to the client requirements and candidates needs first, before taking an action. Recruiters need to be a good listener to be able to source good fit candidates, and close the positions accurately.

4. Recruiters are also branding the company

Recruiters are playing the double role of hiring as well as promoting the business name and its products & services. Recruiters are conducting hiring events, releasing press coverage for the hiring needs, preparing ad content and posters etc. They are promoting company’s hiring requirements through social media campaigns as well. Untrained minds can easily jeopardise the brand name of the company through mismatched communication. This will not only fend-off the prospective candidates but can also impact target audience of the business in negative way.

5. Recruiters are best at adapting Technology

A layman can take more time to get used to the technology or tools used in recruitment. This can easily delay the hiring process, causing substantial losses in the business. Infact, most of other departments are still bundled up with papers and files. It is the recruiters who have made their work more automated and technology driven to bring more accurate results in lesser time. An online recruitment management tool is what they are able to bring into their organisation.

6. Recruiters’ patience level makes them Superior

Things often don’t go as per plans. In such situations untrained professional might not carry the desired patience level to re-think on the strategy or wait for sometime to see the results. Haphazard actions can further affect future plans of recruitment process. Recruiters need to have patience if sourced in candidates are lesser than expected, candidates do not turn-up for interview or interviews need to be rescheduled.

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