Human Resources Training and Development

The training emphasizes on increasing the performance of employee in the job which he currently holds and the focus of development is towards harnessing the skills of employee which have an inclination towards future. Here is a look on how the training and development help in building a strong base of human resource and what importance it holds in the organization.

What is the need of Human Resource Training and Development?

HR is the dynamic department of any company. Due to ever changing environment they need to upgrade their skills and attitudes continuously. HR professionals are the only means who can ensure the optimal performance of the employees of the organization. Therefore it is necessary to equip them with the trends of the industry so that they can help in achieving the goals of the organization.

What do training and development offers to employees?

The training and development programs carried out in organizations are carried out with a motive to benefit the employees. These programs act as a process which harnesses the new, unskilled employees into motivated, committed and skilled workforce. These programs convert the potential managers into the competent manager.

Features of Human Resource Training & development

  1. Job Description: The well crafted job description is the foundation upon which the performance of employee lies. This job description is given by management which acts as criteria for carrying out training and development programs.
  2. Aim of Programs: These programs aim at developing the knowledge, skill, ability and potential of employees so that they feel motivated to take up any new assignment. They should welcome the change in full spirits instead of resisting to it.
  3. Self assessment and motivation: It has been seen in many cases that even after attending the training and development programs the employees have failed to build the desired levels of motivation in them. This is because somewhere they have lacked in assessing their hidden potential. Due to this they have failed to judge the correct levels of the motivation desired to bring out the best in themselves.
  4. Job rotation: It is also one of the means which can aid as a training and development tool. Job rotation involves the shifting of jobs among employees. This gives an opportunity to the person to learn the work of new position and new cadre. This way the employee becomes master of all the tasks and can carry out any operation in the desired manner.
  5. On the job and off the job: The training process is both on the job and off the job. Job rotation is one example of on the job training and off the job training is usually organized outside the premises of current job. It is because it is meant to teach something which is beyond the current profile and can enhance the skills for a new activity to be introduced.

Thus training and development programs polish the skills of employees and contributes in making them an efficient worker of the organization.

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