There isn’t an iota of doubt that technology has captured almost every sphere of our life and carrying out any task without the intervention of some technology is certainly impossible in the present times. The use of online software for accomplishing business tasks is on an all-time rise and the human resource department of the companies is no exception as well. Human resource is considered to be one of the most precious assets of an enterprise especially in the present times as it is the people in the organization that help achieve its goals and meet its targets. The year 2014 saw the launch and success of a number of software trends and since the beginning of 2015, many HR executives and software developers have been wondering about which software would stay abuzz this particular year.

Let us take you through a comprehensive list of hot HR software trends that are most likely to make a lot of waves in the year 2015:

Go Mobile

Gone are the days when mobile apps were just meant for the purposes of accomplishing entertainment and personal goals, year 2015 would definitely see an on all rise in the number of apps being developed for HR purposes. Be it recruitment, selection, management or training of the employees, mobile apps are likely to cover everything related to Human Resource function in an organization.

Integrating information

In the year 2015, Human Resource departments of companies should definitely put in their money into software that aims at integrating all kinds of information, stats and data at one place in order to ensure more systematic and automated use of such information. Such types of software would help save in a lot of time of the top and bottom management who require HR information every now and then for making vital decisions relating to people of the organization.


Recruitment is one such tasks of HR department that involves huge expenditure and leads to wastage of a lot of time of HR executives who could’ve used this time for some better purposes. Thus in the year 2015, one could expect a wave of e-recruitment software that won’t just minimize the amount of time, energy and money that goes into the recruitment process but would also help choose the best candidates through scientific screening processes.

Employee Feedback Systems

Gone are the days when employees were just people who were paid for their jobs and exploited unnecessarily due to non-availability of proper channels of feedback to the top level management. The issues of rising labor turnover in the present times has actually made way for incorporating unique employee feedback systems which provide real-time feedback and solutions for the employees. A number of software with feedback systems tend to have features of social systems and analytical gauging that measure and analyze employee feedback in the quickest possible time. Definitely a must have software in the year 2015 for all the HR departments looking out for incorporating features of democracy in their organization.

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