Social media, mobile phones and mobile apps have become common tools in our daily lives, and for many, a necessity in our fast-growing society. Social media has come a long way from just being a means to connect with friends. Its usage has become so widespread that big and small companies use it as a standard communication and brand-building tool to enhance relationship with employees and other stakeholders such as prospective employees and the larger community here and abroad. With social media’s growing sophistication in features and capabilities, lower cost compared to traditional advertising, ability to deploy with ease and speed as well as its public nature, companies use it more frequently to reach target audiences with strategic and planned content.

Now, companies are not limited by the website. They have more ability to facilitate conversation as well as directly measure the audience’s action/reactions to the content. Effective use in talent attraction Aside from social media’s wide visibility to enable news-sharing and engaging conversations with current employees, its use in reaching out to job seekers — not only to announce job openings but also to make it easy for them to apply – has become a norm. Fresh college graduates to working professionals looking for a career change are able to interact quickly and closely with company recruiters to inquire or initiate a job application. A 2013 study by the Society for Human Resource Management indicated that 77 per cent of respondent companies used social networking sites to recruit candidates for specific jobs — up from 56 per cent in 2011 and 34 per cent in 2008. To give an example, Convergys India’s Facebook page has a tab called “Jobs at Convergys,” where job seekers can easily find information about jobs and careers, Convergys India locations, and other relevant info – as well as submit their job application.

Effective use in engaging current, potential workforce, and the public Showcasing the ways an organisation cares for its employees, and highlighting the employees themselves in stories, photos, and conversation are powerful uses of social media to convey a company’s culture and what its people value. Through social media, there is a greater and more rapid ability to feel connected and learn as well as appreciate what’s going on in the company, among colleagues, and the communities where they live and work. Thanks to social media, beyond one’s own employees, their friends, family and the public know about the company and its people. Convergys India Facebook for instance showcases employee celebrations, philanthropy and employee stories. It also does contest-based content for engagement that’s open to employees as well as nonemployees.

Now, social media is no longer just a medium to “push” news. It has become an avenue to interact and have conversations. Both employees and the public can easily reach the organisation to express themselves, give feedback, ask questions and submit as well as post content. Competitive differentiation through social media The combination of content relevance, tone (consistent, genuine or conversational), diversity, format and frequency a real factors that impact the extent of community “engagement” to a company’s social media page. While the number of social media fans/followers is one concrete measure of success (for example, Convergys has nearly two million followers and it’s the most “liked” BPO on Facebook), it is not the only followers that is the only measure but also the extent to which they access and interact with the company through the medium. With the nature of the medium being social, the interaction with each piece of content is also a critical measure.

This is normally called  “engagement rate,” which is a combination of reach, likes, comments, and shares. Hence, the diversity of content, relevance and amount of interaction/action it generates is crucial. More employees want companies to have a social media presence and want them to engage through social media sites like Twitter and Facebook which  gives them the platform of opening and sharing their views. Increasingly, employers are starting to realise the power of the larger community to the company’s brand/image and corporate citizenship.


Rajiv Dutta (Director for talent acquisition, Convergy)

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