Progress of a nation depends on the industrial developments. In today’s world where technology is an integral part of our lives, it is very important that our software industries are well established. Software companies mainly deal with creating software using the various computer based languages, such that human labor can be brought to the minimal using these software. There are many software industries in this world and all of them contribute in the development of the nations. To be a successful and efficient employee in a software industry, one needs a perfect combination of soft and hard skills. Hard skills are the technical skills which one learns in the institutes during their educational years, but soft skills are the result of a person’s behavior. Soft skills take feelings into consideration and the decisions taken involve emotional attachments as well. Till a few years back a person excelling in hard skills was considered to be the optimum candidate for a post in a software company, but with the changing time this has changed. Nowadays HR (Human Resources) skills are as important as technical skills. To fulfill this demand, the companies take an HR interview while considering a candidate.

Engineers are the building blocks of a software industry. In our country there is an abundance of engineering colleges. The most famous entrance examinations are the engineering entrance exams. This profession is considered very reputed and in demand. The top colleges being the IITs, NITs, BITS Pilani, etc. Apart from these colleges there are many private institutions giving the best education in this stream. When a company is planning for a stable establishment and wants to recruit the first batch of its employees, then the company should first visit the top ranking colleges. Getting the best students of the country will benefit the company in each and every way. There is a definite procedure of the recruiting process. It involves many steps. The steps are given below:-


Every company wants an employee having extreme knowledge in the engineering stream, and at the same time aptitude is also necessary. So, the written test should consist of questions based on technicalities and aptitude. The questions should test the quickness of the candidate in facing and solving problems. Basic knowledge on the software based subjects should also be tested properly. This written test should have a minimum cut-off mark. The students scoring above this mark should be selected for the next round.


A person should be capable of putting forward his/her own views. Therefore, speaking skills should be excellent. Giving some topic to the students to discuss about is a nice and appropriate way of knowing this. This will show that weather a person can be gentle in opposing other’s ideas and putting forward a better idea. This group discussion round also shows how much knowledge the candidate has on the ongoing affairs of the world. Body language should also be marked and noted carefully. Only the best of the students from this round should be given the opportunity to go to the next round.


This is generally the last and final round in the selection process. The interview is mainly of 2 types:-

  1. Technical interview.
  2. HR interview.

Technical interview mainly involves the questions of the technical field. This shows the academic excellence of the students. The basic idea of a concept should be given more priority over the superficial information. For software industries questions should mainly include topics like C, C++, Java, etc. A proper knowledge in these topics will enable a student to do efficient coding. Coding is the pillar of a software industry. A strong coding team is very important.

HR interview involves questions on human behavior. This round shows how efficiently a person can express his/her own feelings. In this round common question about anything other than studies is asked. A quick and sharp mind is the trick of this round. Clarity in thoughts is integral.

Only after completing all these rounds successfully should a candidate be hired.


Training period is the time when a person faces the challenges of the real competitive software industry. This is the prime time to learn the ways to cope up with the demands of the software industry, so the training period should be a real test for all the selected candidates. This period should alter them into efficient and successful coders, managers, evaluators, etc.

After this whole process a company can be assured that the selected employees are the best ones available and the authority can rely on them.

There are many streams in the engineering profession like electrical, civil, mechanical, information technology, computer science, etc. But for a software industry the students of information technology and computer science are the most appropriate. They are the ones with enough knowledge on programming languages. Therefore, a company should give these 2 branches the maximum priority.

Apart from engineers there are many other professionals required to run the company successfully. Some of them being the chartered accountants, advertising people, managers, etc. So, students from different MCA colleges, MBA colleges, etc. should also be considered and given equal importance. The top MBA colleges include the IIM. MBA entrance tests are very famous and many students attempt for it. Sometimes, engineers after completing their studies do MBA for administration skills. If a candidate has both the degrees then that candidate should be given the priority over the others. The combination of all these officials will enable a successful establishment.

A free and friendly relationship between the employees of an organization is the key to success. Taking foreign projects will help a company earn more and construct more. Setting up a nice environment to work should be the prime ambition of a company. Competition should also be there, but a healthy one. This will motivate an employee to work harder and be the best among all. All these factors will help recruit the right candidates and run a successful organization.

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