What is the role of HR Manager?

HR department stands for Human Resources Department and it plays an unimaginable vital role in the growth and normal functioning of an organization. The HR manager is responsible for all kinds of employee related activities in the organization, right from deciding whether to employ a certain candidate, decline his application, promote an existing employee or fire him/her from work. Even though the promotion depends on the report of the employee’s head, it is the responsibility of the HR manager to pass on the report of conduct.

The HR manager also manages the employees, especially in the industry sector where he/she will have to deal with the worker’s union, which is a very complicated task at hand. This is the main reason that an HR manager must be well equipped with quick decision making abilities, a good tone of voice that is very useful at convincing the workers and other staff. The manager also has to maintain mutual relations with the government organizations and sectors, where his cogent skills come into primary need. Also, the HR manager is the one who negotiates on the salary of the freshmen of the organization.

How to decide on the right candidate for your organization?

Selecting the right candidate is always the primary task that depends on the HR department of your company/firm. It is pragmatically not possible for the head manager to sit and conduct interviews in person. Hence, an efficient team of interviewers comprising the HR team sets out at selecting the best candidate available. It is equally important to include a technical head in the Interview team, so as to test the technical skills of the candidate.

After the interview part is done, all the candidates appearing must be properly informed that the result will be announced after a week’s time (at minimum) and the selected candidate will be contacted very soon. The interview team will then combine all the interviews together and discuss as to which candidate would seem ideal on the company’s ideology and which candidate could prove to serve the best if employed. This decision plays a critical part when there is more than one efficient candidate and the choosing becomes difficult. At times as such, consulting the HR manager and explaining the situation is the best choice. Also, choosing a candidate most suitable for the job position is the primary objective of the established team. If you find difficulty in selecting a candidate or no candidate has appeared for interviews, it is best assured that you reconsider your requirements and adopt an effective mode of advertising team that takes care of effective reach out on the requirement of positions for the company.

How to interview the candidate?

The interview plays an important role in arriving at a conclusion about the candidate appearing for the interview. The team of interviewers must maintain a cool ambience in the interview room, so that the candidate does not get tensed unnecessarily. The interview could begin on a slightly formal note, only to make sure that the candidate feels absolutely comfortable to speak. It is important that the candidate feels pretty safe to talk because generally, we tend to talk proper and free with persons who we get connected to easily. Such kind of a scenario must be established between the interviewer and the candidate who applied for the job.

The person speaking to the candidate should maintain a slight smile on his/her face while asking a question. Too much involvement of personal questions is not recommended, as it turns out into an informal session of question-asking which is not suitable for an interview round. The interview team must not rush into decisions and should never conduct too many interviews on the same day, as it leads to subtle levels of impatience and tiresome moods which are the least required things in an interview room. Proper amount of break sessions are recommended for the interview team whenever possible, on an average count of 5-7 interviews.

How to divide work to your selected candidate?

The division of work after your interview team selects a candidate is truly important too. From this stage, the candidate is referred as an employee of the organization. The HR Team has to verify with the documents provided by the employee and carry on with the necessary background checks before actually issuing out the Appointment letter to the selected person. Once your employee starts his attendance to the office, quick decision has to be taken, whether to allot the employee for a training session or to assign work immediately. This decision depends on the joint opinion of the HR Interview team and the technical head that was present during the interview.

The company decides on giving out the advertisements of new recruitment only when it needs new employees to work in the first place. So if a new candidate has been employed, it means that work has to be already assigned for his post prior to his selection.

What are the duties of the HR department?

The job of the HR department is not quite complete when it selects the right candidate or maintains good relations with all the employees of the organization. The HR team has to take up the initiative and orient its employees with all details including the minute ones that are important for each and every employee to know and understand. Facilities and details such as Health plans, Salary cuts, Personal allowances and holidays are handled and are to be oriented by the HR department.

The HR department will also educate the new employee on terms of his/her work hours, monthly allowances, employee assistance program, safety issues and any other inquiry on the employee’s side. Weekly orientation sessions could be held solely to fulfil the purpose of enlightening the new employees and care has to be taken that all the employees are duly informed about all the positive facilities provided by the organization. The HR department also focuses on proper transaction of salaries every month, by staying in the best of contact with the banks.

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