Harassment is defined as an unacceptable conduct by any individual at workplace. It can be any objectionable act such as passing comment, showing humiliating means causing embarrassment or threat. It is responsibility of HR as well as supervisors to keep a regular check for such kind of activities at workplace. HR must organise time to time training programs to guide employees for this illegal act. It can be avoided by co-operation of employees as well as all department heads.

Here we are going to discuss some common facts which can help to avoid Harassment at workplaces:

Expectations from Higher level of management:

  • Lead a healthy workplace where every employee is regarded and given equal respect.
  • Organize time to time training programs for all employees where they can learn techniques for prevention of Harassment.
  • Listen to problems of your employees and give them chance to express what they feel at your workplace.
  • Ensure that all your employees are familiar with harassment policies and remind them time to time about all the rules.
  • Take immediate actions right when you come to know about such activities.
  • Address all harassment issues even those which are not registered with you.
  • Be confident and ensure proper security to your employees too, so that they can expect something positive from you.
  • Make use of Human Resource management rules for harassment complaints and try to establish melodious relations among all employees.

Expectations from employees:

  • Be respectful towards all other employees.
  • Take help of supervisors or managers immediately when you notice such cases around you.
  • Try to communicate with offending party.
  • Be aware of Human resource management policies.
  • Check for prompt actions taken by seniors for harassment registered complaints.
  • Be confident and fearless while dealing with such kind of issues.
  • Try to participate in solution process and ensure best possible from your side.
  • All the members including complainants, witnesses and respondents are supposed to co-operate with grievance cell.
  • During the process of resolution, ensure accuracy of process and statements prior to final decisions.
  • Complainants and witnesses must have copy of complaints registered to the grievance cell.
  • Ensure to receive the copy of all investigations and final reports.


It is good to solve such issues as soon as possible in an honest and respectful manner. Every issue must be resolved in a co-operative environment with open communication. Time to time trainings will help to prevent occurrence of such issues at workplaces and management is responsible to ensure safe and helpful environment for all employees.

Human resource body must always be ready to deal harassment issues in best possible and facilitating manner. It is good to make a highly professional and qualified grievance cell at your workplace. Employees must be aware of all the security polices and rules available for their safety. Individual units as well as departments must work together to achieve the objective of such policies.

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