Conflicts are unavoidable at workplaces because this place is a hub of different varieties of people, different situations, problems and variable thoughts. These conflicts may arise from different sources; they can be between co-workers, between supervisors and subordinates and sometimes between employees and customers. If people are not enough capable of resolving these conflicts at workplaces then it may lead to a serious loss to the enterprise.

The art of conflict management possess following strategies:

  • Positive Attitude: The positive attitude of employees in worst situations lead to growth of company. They must learn to accept conflicts as a natural process and try to make something positive out of it. It will help your organization to improve mistakes and perform better. Organization heads must be always ready to find a creative solution for conflicts.


  • Grievance Procedure: Every organization must have a grievance cell and employees must feel secure about their problem’s solutions. Every employee must at least have a faith that their voices will be heard by management. This will avoid bitterness among employees. If you follow a friendly culture at organization towards all conflicts then you can make them all constructive for your enterprise.


  • Collaborate: Co-operation among employees will naturally help to resolve problems in fast and efficient manner. When people have better understanding between them they easily find out solutions to collective problems. This method leads to creative problem solving and help employees to keep their self respect. This art of management help to find out the root cause of problem and helps to resolve the situation in more comfortable manner.


  • Communication: Lack of systematic information flow between various departments lead to misguidance. You must manage a clear, timely and accurate information flow at your organization. This will lead to easy solutions of conflicts.


  • WIIFM factor: It is good to follow WIIFM factor at workplaces that is: “What’s In It For Me”. Employees must know their goals and they must always be motivated towards achievements. Thus before indulging in any conflict they will realize the value of their work and time, naturally the obstacles will be left untouched. Employees will always try to find best possible path for them to achieve higher goals they will realise that there is nothing beneficial for them if they indulge in unnecessary conflicts.


  • Get to the cause: If you try to solve a conflict by just looking at the surface issues, then this conflict may harm your enterprise again after some time. You must try to find the root cause of conflict and solve it in best possible manner. It will lead to a healthy environment and you will even find a solution guide for future problems.


  • Compromise: If there is no other solution left with problem then it is good to go for equal settlements. This method deals with the emotional level of employees, their priorities and ability to perceive things. Moderate fear of punishments among employees and give them a healthy environment by providing them a friendly culture.

The art of conflict management involve all these styles and its ability of problem solver to make most of these strategies. Depending upon the level and type of conflicts, one can use any of these methods to find a good solution.

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