5 Ways HRIS Can Make the Holidays Smoother

The holidays are a festive but hectic time no matter what industry you operate in. Even if the shopping rush doesn’t affect your business, the time off requests or holiday closures can throw a monkey wrench in the business plan and put a damper on productivity. An HRIS can help you to manage many of the things that make the holidays difficult, though.

Can Help Manage Time Off Requests

Time off requests tend to increase around the holidays as employees make plans to travel out of state or receive in-house guests from out of state to celebrate with. An HRIS can make it much easier for employees to submit time off requests and for managers to deal with the volume of requests and make timely approvals-or denials. Scheduling software can help managers to get a realistic look at how the business will operate if every time off request is approved, assisting with decision making.

Makes Calculating Holiday Pay Easier

Receiving incorrect pay can put a damper on employees’ holiday spirit. An HRIS with payroll can be preset to automatically add in holiday pay or to calculate time and a half or double time for holidays worked. Having these issues worked out in advance can help to make payroll simple though the holidays.

Assist with Recruiting Temporary Employees

If your business volume increases through the holidays, an HRIS can help with recruiting temporary employees to get you through the rush. Many systems make it possible to post job needs on social sites and recruiting sites with just a few clicks, logging applicant information automatically in the system when responses come through. Systems can also make the onboarding and training processes faster and easier so that temporary employees are ready to work sooner.

Improve Communications and Collaborative Efforts

If employees are taking extended periods off during the holidays, an HRIS with messaging options can help to improve communications between peers and between managers and employees. This can help to mitigate productivity woes and keep projects running in spite of the absence of employees that may have been there at the beginning of projects. This can also help to foster communications between locations when necessary to ensure that projects are still getting done on time as needed.

Facilitate Better Remote Working Arrangements

In some industries, it may be beneficial to allow employees to work from home, rather than take extended periods off through the holidays. An HRIS with the right features can help managers to set weekly and daily goals for employees so that employees can work autonomously and stay on track as they work remotely. Employee portals can also allow employees to view their salary information as they work from home, so that they can stay out of the office and view information on their own time.

An HRIS can help to keep companies running like a well oiled machine through the holidays if the proper steps are taken. There is no need to stress about the holidays when you have the right software in place.

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