Human resource or HR is said to be the constructional supportive blocks for every the efficient and effective management of every company. A company cannot even walk a single step ahead without its employees. It is very important for every company to achieve its pre determined goals and flourish higher up in the economy. But, this dream can only come true when there are motivated and determined employees in the company.

Human resource management is a very vital part of every business and non business like activities of any company. In this competition encapsulated world it is very important to maintain a healthy employee turnover ratio. Employee turnover ratios refer to less changing and interchanging of employees, which means that if a company has a static number of employees for a longer duration of time, then it has a healthy employee turnover. It is very essential for any company to keep limited and prolonged number of employees, so that the working strategy and secrets of the company are preserved and protected.

But retaining the HR of companies is a cumbersome task. There are innumerable trends that drive the HR technology of every company. These trends are connected to the previous year’s trends but are a little different from what they were earlier.

The year 2015 is different in a number of ways when it comes to HR technology.

Technology at its Best

The most important element that is responsible for driving the HR technology in 2015 is the use of technology itself. The up gradation in technology and usage of technology in every field of work is responsible for keeping the HR stagnant. Technology helps in making HR faster and helps in enhancing the skill set of Hr manifolds. Using internet and technological gifts for making work faster and easier is the new trend of 2015.

No Control Over Talent and Ideas

Human brain is complex thing that keeps on thinking and creating new ideas and innovations. When a company gives its employees the advantage and permission to have no control over the thinking process, it is often reverted back with mind blowing ideas that make the company grow successful. A company that allows its personnel to think and react helps in establishing an HR technology trend.

Happy Employees

Introduction of rewards and incentives is one major trend that is driving the HR trend in 2015. A happy employee is an efficient employee. Each and every person works with the sole motive to attain outputs that are directly proportional to his inputs. Organizations impart their employees with facilities of housing, healthcare, childcare, gym facilities and much more. When the employees feel cared for, they care for the company in return.

Technology In Hands

Inclusion of mobile phones, tablets, I pads and other handy gadgets in the process of working has helped in HR technology in 2015. Every employee these days does not have to necessarily sit at their desk and work, instead they can work while travelling, while eating or while being physically away from their desk. And this is possible via handy technology. There are innumerable more things that help in HR technology.

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