4 Productivity Hacks for Every Recruiter

productivity_hacks.pngThe end of the year is a critical time to complete that huge list of tasks that you have on your plate. If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, these 4 productivity hacks will help you stay focused and organized during busy times.

1. Pause Your Inbox

As a recruiter, you are dependent on email for communication. But reading too much email can be overwhelming. If you don’t want your devices to constantly receive messages when you are busy, turn your email off or use an app likeInbox Pause. This will put new emails on hold, so they don’t appear in your Inbox until you are ready to address them.

2. Stop Multitasking

Although today’s technology allows recruiters to do many things at a time, multitasking adds stress to our daily lives and negatively affects our mood, motivation and productivity. Make a conscious effort to focus on single tasks and block out time in your calendar to complete each task with minimal distraction.

3. Manage Your Social Media Better

Social media is an important tool in your recruiting belt and undeniably takes a lot of effort to maintain. As a recruiter, you want to make your time on social media more effective. Try an automation app like Buffer or Hootsuite to organize all your social media accounts in one convenient place while keeping track of the most important discussions and updates.

4. Install a Smart Recruiting App

An easy way to improve the efficiency of your workflow is to install a Chrome extension that utilizes a predictive algorithm to determine the quality of hire via information available on LinkedIn, job boards and other online sources. This smart platform analyzes whether a prospective candidate and a hiring manager will be a good cultural fit — all while you are focusing on completing your important year-end task list!

We hope that these hacks will help liven up your productivity and make your everyday life easier.

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