The role of technology in HR is ever expanding and as a consequence next-level HR Technology is known to be experiencing many innovative breakthroughs. The objective is straightforward i.e. simplifying work life for not just a human resource division, but the organization as a whole. However for any technology to be acceptable by the common user, it must be kept in mind that the process being put into use should have a platform that is convenient and user-friendly. In other words, the focus of any HR Technology should be streamlined towards providing the 3Es namely Ease, Engage and Experience.

Ease In Handling Employee Needs

Prior to getting into the nitty-gritty of the three Es in HR Technology let us familiarize with the diverse features that encompass the nature of job involved within the HR department of an organization. For any HR the nerve center is and will always remain the ‘employee category’ and it is for this category that an HR is set up. Right from recruitment of suitable candidates as employees, the human resource division sees to employee’s wellbeing by way of facilitating training programs, maintaining a safe workplace, fulfilling employee rights, ensuring well-being of all employees, etcetera.

In order to supervise and oversee such a wide range of tasks in HR, having a suitable next-level HR technology platform based on the three mantras of ‘E’i.e. Ease, Engage and Experience has proved to be of immense help. Owing to the multi-faceted nature of work, it helps to lighten the burden of HR task. Generally users tend to shun HR technology that is complicated. A platform that automates complex HR processes into a simplified manner becomes easily acceptable. By organizing workforce data in a systematic manner HR personnel are able to acquire information quickly and easily.

Engage Across Sections of the Organization

The next ‘E’ in line stands for the word‘Engage.’ Having an HR Technology that is capable of engaging by providing access to various user groups is much needed. The line of hierarchy in an organization could be long or short but what is important is the ability to being engaged within the loop and for this only an efficient HR Technology system can make this happen.The set of tools have been designed to ensure that they reach out across departments of an organization to information from an engaging HR Technology platform. This is turn helps in cross integration and delivering solutions at a fast pace with great accuracy.

Providing Wider Experience

The third ‘E’ which is Experience in futuristic HR Technology allows for users within the loop to gain instant access to data and information relevant for them. As it comes with a modular approach the workflow engine may be configured to meet organizational needs as desired by the provider’s policy management. With the incorporation of cloud and mobile based computing, experiences are far easier to a larger segment of HR and business. Thus ‘Ease, Engage and Experience’ with HR Technology of new age has brought in a revolution of sort by establishing a virtual work station pertaining to the multi-faceted functionality in human resource tasks.

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