Every employer holds the best interest for his organization in mind. For this he requires a good team of employees that would work towards the benefit of the organization along with him. There are hundreds of well trained IT professionals who are seeking job in the industry. IT is the top cream of the technical world that works wonders with computers. If you are looking for a job in IT Company, then here is the checklist of qualities that the employer might be seeking.


Experience counts! If you have worked with some important IT Companies then the employer is bound to notice you.



Credibility is one of the most valued traits for any job seeker. Credibility is a combination of your reputation in the industry and your character certificate. A consistent performance is bound to yield results in the form of appreciation from the employers.



Your skills talk on your behalf. Employers are always seeking professional who can make wonders with computers which are the best tool for creatively skilled people.



Get as many recommendations and letters of appraisal as you can as they will be highly valued by the IT employers.



The entire tech industry is focusing on android now-a-days. It is likely to capture the market even further in the coming years, so a person who is highly skilled with android system and development is likely to be a more preferred choice for IT Companies. Most of the companies deal with recruitments through LinkedIn.com. Join the circle and maintain an active profile to grab the desired attention from the top notch companies.



Hacking is one of the most valuable skills in the IT Industry. If a person can think like a hacker then he is one of the most polished professional of the industry. Hackers are skilled and passionate about learning new languages of the technical world which makes them unique in the crowd of job seekers.



Being competitive draws employers as everyone is looking for growth which can only be achieved by having a fighter attitude.



Most IT jobs are associated with working in teams. Team spirit is highly essential for producing desired outputs.



There is variety of certifications that can make you a preferred choice among the IT recruiters such as MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional). These courses are not just to exhibit your programming skills, but, they also help in showcasing your talents and expertise in the field. Although the cost of such course is expensive but it will be soon recovered by the job opportunities that it will fetch for you.



Having the passion for ones job is extremely important as it gives you the fuel to move forward and do wonders in the field. IT Companies seek such passionate people to employ who would take the organization to the next level of success.

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