Human Resource Management popularly known as HRM is the most important process of every organization which manages to workforce to accomplish their goals. HRM ensures that all the workers, professionals, researchers and all other members possess all the key skills required for the development of their company.

The major function of HRM involves the process of recruitment, placements, evolution, compensation and development of all employees of an organization. This process is irreversibly important for every organization to achieve growth and profits.

Some major functions of HR department are discussed as below:

  • Recruitment: The process of filling the required positions on time by proper analysis is the major and time consuming process for HRM. This process includes the task of advertising the job opening, screening of applications, taking interviews and making final selections as per requirement of higher management levels. Some recruiters work in house and provide facilities for all companies by doing initial screening.
  • Ensure safety: Safe workplace conditions are important aspect for every organization and it is task of HRM department to ensure all services to their employees. According to Occupational safety and health act-1970, employers are obliged to provide safe working conditions to their employees. HR department is responsible for providing time to time safety trainings and maintain the injury or fatality reports for their workplace. Some specialists of this department are always monitoring such activities for all organizations.
  • Employee relations: It is good to maintain healthy relations among all employees and higher management levels. This factor helps to strengthen the bond between employees and help in fast growth of company.
  • Benefits and compensations: Some experts from HR department are responsible to handle all compensations as well as benefit sections for the organization. For this purpose it is important to set competitive targets and good pay practices in organization for employees. Payroll is major function of this department and they have to manage the compensations as well as benefits from this fund. They also ensure retirement saving funds and their negotiations.
  • Compliance: The most critical HR function includes the compliance among labour and employment laws. Non –compliance at workplaces can lead to unfair employment practices, dissatisfaction of labours, and unsafe working conditions. HR department must be aware of all laws and must be dedicated to resolve all such issues.
  • Training and Development: HR department is responsible for organizing time to time training sessions for all employees to improve their skills and knowledge as per latest advancements. Some leadership trainings and team management trainings are required for new employees and to avail promotional opportunities, some employees may need professional trainings. It is important to keep a regular track of such trainings to ensure continuous growth and development of organization.

All these major tasks define the important role of HR department for every organization and it is very difficult to manage with lack of practices. It is desired to have highly qualified and experienced HR professional for every company so that some good policies can be developed for the growth of organization.

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