Every organisation works towards optimising its productivity and ensuring that each investment reaps fruitful results. That is the reason why there are many training programs that are introduced from time to time so that the employees can be empowered with better skills, strategies and information.

Organization training resources are most important dimension for the future of any organization but due to many reasons they go wasted. Here are some pointers that reveal why and how organization waste training resources –

  1. Introduction of wrong material – One of the biggest causes that lead towards wasting of training resources is introducing wrong material that is not apt for the training. There are numerous cases in the industry that programs were designed for particular reasons but the material was not right for the training. For example, if organization wants that their employees should learn computers then they should clearly provide guidelines about what they should learn. Computer has huge study areas and all the dynamics are not beneficial for organizations. Hence, specifications and clear indications are mandatory.
  2. Direction less approach – Normally, directionless approach is the main reason behind wasting tons of training resources. People on the higher side of hierarchy should provide clear directions that can lead towards desirable goal of organization. But in most situations they fail to deliver this simple task that increases the wastage of training material.
  3. Confusion in Job Description – It is one of the common problem that can collapse the working schedule of entire industry. Organizations select few employees for training but they don’t provide clear instruction about the job description. That makes trainees confused and they don’t understand that under which position they are getting training. Even they can’t figure out what will be their role in organization after completion of training.
  4. Avoidance of Performance graph – while training it is important to make presentation graph of each employee according to their performance and they should be given preferences according to the merits. Most of the time senior workers are given first preference even if new recruits have performed well. That is why it is very important that organizations should treat employees according to their performance graph but it is generally observed that in most of the cases they fail to do so.
  5. Lack of Motivation – Most of the trainings are not able to motivate employee for working because of the message that is delivered to the worker. If any employee has attended the training then organization should assign work to those employees as per training. But due to lack of information and ignorance of training reports they don’t achieve the results that they are intended on the first place.

So, you can clearly see that why and how organizations waste very crucial training resources that can be otherwise utilized for making employees’ productivity much better than it is at present. Therefore, it is very important that organizations should take strong steps and design training only for the deserving candidates so that they can optimise their resources.

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