myHRSuiteWith the T20 World Cup right on our doorstep, some companies are worrying about how to keep attendance rates high.
India being a cricket crazy nation, we’ll admit, it can be a challenge! But by following these two simple tips, you might find the 2016 T20 world cup is actually one of your most productive few weeks to date!

Tip One: Offer Celebratory Breakfasts ‘The Morning After’

When a cricket match returns a favourable result, people want to celebrate. And sometimes, those celebrations can leave your people feeling a little worse-for-wear the morning after.

But by planning in advance, you can offer an extra incentive for employees to turn in to work – coffee, sandwiches and cereal ‘on-the-house’ one hour before the day begins might bring you surprising results (plus you’ll be cutting down on the number of late arrivals!).

If you only want to offer celebratory breakfasts when Team India wins, then why not watch the game yourself, then log into myHRSuite and broadcast a new company news story on your timeline that says “We Won! Breakfast on us tomorrow!”

Tip Two:  Show the Match at Workplace!

If your business requires staffing during key cricket matches (like India matches!) then you might find it helps to actually show the match at your premises. Of course, this isn’t possible for all companies, and it depends on the type of work you do. But if you’re able to, then show the key games – not only will it make your employees less likely to call in sick, but it might even create a better environment within the workplace.

If you can’t show the match in main the work area itself, why not show it in the cafeteria and let your employees take more flexible breaks? And if you can’t show the match, you can always keep your employees updated with the score every 15 mins.

And if you have your own ideas about how to improve attendance during the 2016 T20 World Cup, then why not tweet them to us using the hashtag #myHRSuite?

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