In business for good returns there has to be an overall approach that includes a people-centric approach.  In the process of overseeing technology-based projects such as IT project, it would be prudent to scrutinize and see how much focus is being laid on issues related to people, that is how “people-centric” is the technology process?  Is there sufficient focus being given on learning user behavior to gauge whether there is any likelihood for user adoption as well or is it merely focus on technology arena and the ensuing ROI it fetches. In order to improve technology-based return on investments, it would be a smart move to lay focus on people using it as well. Gaining good insights on user behavior of people and making the best use of this knowledge to channelize the same in the direction of technology ROI would be a prudent move in business. Thus making shift in the manner in which technology implementation is handled and carried out by the ‘people” paves the way for greater ROI and success in the long run.

Using Buzzwords for Greater Impact

Buzzwords are frequently used in the tech area and are known to have a great impact. Typically three prime buzzwords doing the rounds include “people, process and technology” Few other buzzword names in the reckoning include “alignment, change, culture” etc. All these terms have a common and broad usage within a technology perspective and tend to hold a rather all-round approach. While due attention is paid to alignment of ‘process and technology’ it is the ‘people’ that tends to be ignored. Remember, improving technology ROI cannot take place without aligning ‘people’ to the ‘process and technology.”

Are the ‘People’ Aligned to the ‘Process & Technology’?

Alignment of ‘people’ is crucial and necessary as it is they who actually use the technology.There is no point in having a technology system developed and delivered if there are no takers who will actually use it. Users or people” are the ones who would need to adopt and follow the procedures as deemed necessary in the new technology environment meant for improving ROI. In other words it calls for a change in attitude and behavior of the people who are expected to use the technology.

All-Round Involvement of People for Success

So now the question that might pop in the minds of readers is that how did this rigmarole of roping in behavior of people while implementing technology process within a project come up? Well it is pretty simple! Making people involved with the IT project become aware of the convenience of a technology process and how it helps in simplifying tasks is the key to making people develop more affinity towards it thereby leading to higher ROI. Thus the significance of involving people from other divisions of an organization such as human resources, finance etc. are vital for ensuring a jump upwards in the success of a technology implementation within a project and its ROI.

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