The management in every organization aims to retain the potential and productive employees to the best of its efforts to ensure the smooth continuation of the work process and progress. However, retention of potential industry professionals is a matter of great challenge due to the availability of pool of exciting opportunities, competitive pay packages, scope of development etc. Hence, employee retention is a convenient option. Following are some common employee retention challenges encountered by the enterprises.

Disquiet with the Compensation Packages

Distress over the offered pay packages is one of the key concerns for switching over to newer opportunities. The budget of the company is a decisive factor in determining the wages and allowances of the employees. However, if the quality and the hard work are not compensated, the employees simply look forward to other opportunities. While it is not expected that the employees will take undue advantage of the dependence, the management authorities are bestowed with the responsibility to ensure employee satisfaction for the deliverance of quality services.

Recognition and Rewarding

It is not always the compensation factor motivating the switch over. Potential employees feel low-spirited if their work is not appreciated or rewarded. The HR management in big companies organizes employee recognition programs to counter these problems. This is often not possible for the small companies due to lack of funds. Simple recognition and small accolades can work wonders for the employees in these companies.

Growth in Skill Sets and Self-Development Opportunities

Often professionals value the scope of growth as a professional in the industry. Working on the same designation for years, without any opportunity for growth in skills can be discouraging and dissatisfying. The employees tend to drift apart and join an organization where they can enjoy the privilege of boosting their skills, acquire more work knowledge and enjoy further prospects. Funded education programs, training on latest technologies, self-development programs are some essential initiatives that can solve this issue.

Healthy and Hygienic Environment

This can be a major cause especially for the female employees, who find it difficult to adjust in unclean atmosphere. The unclean and inadequate provisions can lead to health concerns and raise serious fluctuation in the performance level of the employees. The companies must assort to periodical hygiene restoration policies, keep the area clean, mend ways for necessary construction, and install necessary appliances, conduct adequate upgrading of the necessary tools and appliances for convenient functioning of the organization.

Harassment and Bullying

This is yet another problem in many companies where new employees are not treated properly by the seniors. Mental trauma, inability to cope with the pressure of unnecessary harassment and too strict work regulations can be problematic for even the potential candidates who fail to deliver high quality performance despite having enough potentiality. In the event of failure to meet the challenges, they prefer to leave their job.

Recruitment is a hefty procedure and a matter of leveraging quality time, going to the hassles of advertising job openings, screening profiles, conducting interviews and finally an exclusive training. This is a costly affair and above all making a new employee habituated to the work environment takes a lot of strenuous effort.

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