Don’t Hire to Fire


An organization is a vehicle which runs on the wheels called “employees” and an engine called the “founder/leader”. For the successful and smooth running of the vehicle, the wheels need to keep running along with the engine. But, how does one ensure this smooth running? Well, hiring good employees is definitely a start! So, a leader must find and hire the best workers to help achieve their entrepreneurial dream.

A bad hiring choice results in a lot of waste of money, time and other resources. Because the cost of finding, interviewing, engaging and training new employees is high. Salaries, benefits and taxes paid by the company shouldn’t go to waste. So, one of the best techniques to follow before hiring is to do good demographic research and explain the job requirements to the candidates well.

One of the first traits to look for in a candidate is their spirit. One has to check carefully to find out if the candidate is enthusiastic about the job or not. They need to have a passion for the job and not only be on the hunt for a regular salary at the end of the month. Your employees should be able to dream along with the company and also help the company to realize the dream.

That brings us to the next most important trait in a hire: the ability to perform well in a team. Your employee won’t be working alone, almost ever. Team work is one of the most common things in a company. Hence, it is extremely essential for your new hire to be a team player. He/she should always put the collective thought before only his/her own thought.

A strong work ethic in an employee is a rare trait but once found, should be treasured by any employer. Being punctual, hardworking, truthful, all come under this. This will lead to the formation of an honest and open company where people can be free to put forward their ideas and take responsibility for their own actions.

Another top soft skill which should be present in a hire is good communication skills. Ever wondered what would happen if your employer has a great idea but can’t even convey it properly? So, while hiring ask your candidate for their preferred mode of communication and find out if their thoughts and methods (verbal and non-verbal) align with your company’s or not. Miscommunications can bring entire companies down.

Being flexible or compatible with your company is something you want to have in your employer. Every company has a culture and the better a person fits into it, the more they are bound to be at home with it and hence, be loyal to it. Try to find someone who ticks off this critical component of a good hire too. Hiring decides the future of your company in a lot of ways. So, just follow this simple checklist while hiring people and transform your business into nothing less than a family.

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