Converting Passive Referrals Into Active Candidates

To a large extent more organizations depend on the contacts that they gather as the years pass by and with specialized referral programs that the organization initiates the process of gathering increased number of contacts becomes more effective. There are many ways of finding referrals and one of the most proactive methods lies in the development of an efficient referral program which is result oriented.  One of the best ways is to find out more about the people   involved with the organization and their associates or contacts that can be of use to your business or the organization to work for as a Human Resource Manager.

As a HRM, it is significant that you consider the economics of the organization and to get people who are not high on the “Cost to Company” or CTC list. Another reason the efficiency of the HRM is regarded highly is when the company does not have to spend financial resources to source human resources. So advertising vacancies, arranging travel and paying for travel costs can all be done away with. Therefore, this helps the company to save up on a huge amount of cost which can be put to better use, like announcing an incentive for the employers. This can probably elicit a more powerful and efficient workforce in the organization.

As it is the norm, almost every organization has a website which reflects the company and its business, its products and services in the most positive light. This platform can be used to announce any referral programs that the HRM must formulate and announce on the website. Once this is done anybody who visits the company’s website can view the referral program and if associated with the organization in any way, it can go ahead and put in a referral for a vacancy or any future vacancy that might arise. The association with the organization can relate to that of a customer or a client and if not both, then as an employee.

Once there are referrals that come in through these referral programs, it is the responsibility of the HR Manager to make sure that these contracts are converted to candidates and again an employee is chosen among these short listed candidates. This would surely make a difference in the expenditure column in a financial statement of that year for an organization which would be very well welcomed by the management. The role of the HR manager must have a very active role in the social media and networking websites, especially the ones that are professional in nature. The number of contacts that can be made on such sites is more than adequate to identify a potential candidate and initiate the recruiting process at no cost whatsoever.

The HR manager must be able to identify the candidates to target as a substantially high grade potential for a particular role in the organization and work towards getting the candidate to accept the offer from the organization. The motivational level of the HRM must be very effective and the need of the candidate must be well understood. After all, this candidate is a potential employee because of a referral program and hence there has been a minimum cost involved in getting the candidate to be considered a potential employee.

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