Employee stress is the main concern for organizations in today’s world. It may be defined as the constraints, loss of opportunities or something they desire. In other words, it can also be termed as the emotional, mental or physical tensions connected to one’s work or job. Employees at different stages have different fears, like: fear of losing job, wrong comparison with co-workers, time management etc. After lot of research it was found out that the main reasons for stress from an employee’s point of view were mainly unclear requirements, change in technology, communication gap, angry boss, cranky clients etc. As we focus on work stress statistics’, it was noticed that 40% of the workers defined their job to be extremely stressful, 25% view their job as the main stressor in their lives, 29% of the workers felt extremely stressed at work, while 26% said they are often stressed by their work. Stress can be of two types: Eustress and Distress, where Eustress is a positive stress and Distress is a negative one. Eustress is experienced when expectations become higher which creates a sense of urgency and alertness required for survival in the industry. Whereas reasons like disappointments, failures, threats and embarrassment causes distress. Stress eventually results into depression, rejection and anger. It doesn’t only effect the person’s belief, values or the working culture but even affects the health of an employee.

There are various ways to eliminate stress, out of which the most effective ones are:

  1. Do Yoga or meditation regularly
  2. Find alternative solutions to problems
  3. Spend more time with things that give personal happiness, for example: spending time with pets or kids.
  4. Go out for long walks
  5. Sit with light scented candles
  6. Read good books
  7. Contacting old friends
  8. Listening to good music

While there are some indulgences that are often considered to be stress busters, but, on the contrary these often add up to the negative effects of stress and aggravates the situation:

  1. Consumption of lot of chocolates, sugar, and sweets.
  2. Increase in the intake of excess caffeine
  3. Excessive intake of intoxicating substances

Some more simple ways to overcome stress are:

  1. Laughter – as it releases endorphin, which relieves stress.
  2. Choose one best friend of yours and share your stressors with himher.
  3. Indulge yourself into a habit to wake up and get ready not for work but for the day.
  4. Then some more ways to conquer stress is by watching funny movies and discussing them with your friends.
  5. On the way to work listen to music,
  6. Humor yourself instead of attending office calls.
  7. Take different routes to work, as the change in route would help you keep your mind off the job.
  8. Plan your work and work the plan.
  9. Take regular breaks and don’t work during the lunch and coffee breaks
  10. Avoid coffee and soft drinks with caffeine, as it may only seem that they relieve stress and “keeps you going”, but actually it doesn’t as it doesn’t keep your body hydrated.

So in short, to grow in this professional world, it is very necessary to manage stress effectively and efficiently.

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