The world of business has seen a radical change in the way it is conducted and this change has been brought about by the implementation technology in it. Technological advances in the past few decades had determined the way businesses are conducted and also the way businesses can be improved. The growing use of technology, especially digital technology, has made it easy for a number of departments within businesses to conduct their day to day activities in the shortest time possible and with a high output potential. Thanks to technology and the use of it, today businesses are not dependent on the place and the time zone as all of it can be overcome by the use of technology.

A case in point is the use of technology in Human Resource Department or the HRD for short. Today, every organization needs the HR Division and it is one of the most integral divisions of every business. Since it deals with man power and since every organization depends on manpower for its turnover and proper functioning, it is vital that the HRD also function in the best possible way. Keeping this in mind, HRD today has also become a division that is also outsourced and many organizations are doing away with establishing the department within the premises of the organization and outsourcing it either to other human resource organizations that take care of such work or to freelancers who work at their own workplaces. This has been possible only with the help of digital technology and by adopting it, organizations are now able to do away with a department and retain just a couple of people to take care of Human Resources in-house. There are many ways in which technology has changed Human Resource Department and they include:

  1. Recruitment: Conducting interviews, group discussions and personal interviews are all part of the recruiting process which is conducted by the Human Resource Department. Today   the impact of technology has widened its horizons and recruiters are now able to conduct their recruitment process online. Firstly, they do not need to publish their job vacancies and requirements in the print media. Secondly, they do not have to go through volumes of CVs and Resumes to narrow down their search. And above all there is no waiting period for the interviews to be conducted, selection process and final recruitment. Today the many job sites need to be searched and the candidates shortlisted and interviewed. The process is now faster and more time saving.
  2. Training: The responsibility of training selected personnel has always been with the HR department and today with the internet, anybody can be trained from any place. The candidate need not travel to the place of work earlier than required.
  3. Performance & Appraisals: The responsibility of appraisals of employees is usually with the HR department and today, even this has become easy with all the data and information stored in the interest. By installing a number of different software, it is possible for a quick review of the performance of the employers and generate their appraisal reports.

Therefore, it is quite easy to comprehend the importance of technology and its impact on the Human Resource Department in business today.

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