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How To Make Your Team Feel Special And Perform Better

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How To Make Your Team Feel Special And Perform Better

The feeling of appreciation is always pleasing for everyone; if we work hard with dedication then it is always nice to hear some words of appreciation from seniors as well as co-workers at workplace. The feeling of gratitude comes naturally with good deeds and just simple thanks can do all the best things for us.

Here are some tips to express gratitude at workplace:

  1. Say Thanks: Whenever someone does something good for you, never forget to say thanks. Whether it’s your Boss, Co-worker or any other stranger, everyone will feel good to perceive the single word: Thanks. You can feel the same happiness when you receive the word of thanks for your good deeds.
  1. Start at the top: At workplace, employees always need to hear Thank you from their seniors because it make them feel the active part of organization. Efforts of every employee can be recognized by just a single moment of appreciation where we express our gratitude to their dedication and hard work.
  1. Thank those who never get thanked: It is moral responsibility of every person to thank every class of employee in their organization. No work is big or small; it is our way of doing things that make them big or small. So pay a moment to thank those who never receive thanks in general but have real right to hear these words.
  1. Always be prepared for some kind words: This is the most important practice to be grateful at workplace. You must always be ready with some kind words even in bad situations too. It helps others to feel comfortable and special with you, and it also makes your personality more pleasing. Whenever somebody praises your good deeds, it is your responsibility to pay regard towards their words.
  1. Quality matters not the quantity: For every work, it is always the quality that truly matters not the quantity. Gratitude can never be received by forcing others for it; rather it is a natural process for your quality work.
  1. Increase the opportunities for gratitude: When you pay gratitude for good behaviour of some people, it generally increases the chances of getting more help from others. Because people know that you have the kind heart to appreciate their efforts. It also increases the level of happiness for other people because they feel special.
  2. Be sincere: Analysis says that grateful leaders have more loyal and effective teams because of their great nature. Being appreciative towards others lead to better long term relationships and people love to work with those who acknowledge their efforts sincerely.

All these things matters a lot at workspace and just a great smile on your face with word of thanks can solve most of your problems easily in day to day life. Gratitude at workplace, expressing your appreciating words towards others leads to healthy environment and friendly relations. It is a good practice for whole of your life as it is obvious that you receive some help from others in day to day life, and just a feeling of thanks take people closer to you.

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