Are you running a start up? If yes, then you’ve a bigger question. Are you running a successful start up? Running a successful start up is definitely not everybody’s cup of tea! With almost 80% start ups failing within 1 year of its inception, it’s quite challenging to run a start up successfully! One of the major reasons behind failure of start ups is poor workforce alignment. Well, poor employee engagement to be precise! Human resources are one of the major things that determines the failure or success of a start up. Here are some tips that’ll help you boost your employee engagement. Read on!

How to boost employee in start ups

1) Provide them great growth opportunities

Humans have the basic need of progressing in life. Whether we are consciously aware of this fact or not, deep inside, all of us want to make progress in life. Ensuring your employees that working in your organization would provide them great growth opportunities is the biggest motivation for them to work efficiently. Growth could be personality development or career growth. Let your employees know that their skills, knowledge and professionalism will constantly grow as they work in your organization.

2) Provide your employees a long term dream

Times have changed and employees are no longer driven just by financial rewards. Giving your employees a big fat cheque won’t provide them with enough motivation. Rather, providing them a long term dream perspective will boost their engagement in the work. Give your employees a hope that they’ll be a part of something extra ordinary!

3) Good work deserves good rewards

Rewarding the good job done by employees is something every successful business organization has done. There’s no bigger push to work better than rewards. Establish the reward systems at the time of hiring process. Establish the roadmap to promotions beforehand so there’s direction of work in the organization.

4) Build good personal relationship with your employees

In order to understand your employee better and make them feel respected and happy, it’s very important that you get personal with your employees. Most of the bosses who have solid relationship with their employees connect well with their employees on a personal level. Doing so will multiply their employee engagement levels.

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