myHRSuiteIf you’ve ever spent a gruelling half-hour (or more) wrestling with databases, spread sheets and stacks of paperwork trying to complete a task that on face value is simple (such as registering a new employee)… then you’ll understand the pain felt by hundreds of business owners and HR directors up and down the country who don’t yet have any sort of HR software for their business.

In fact, even the ones who do use HR software have suggested that all too often it’s slow, confusing, and ineffective (not to mention taking up too much space on their hard drive!)

But there’s a winner in the waters,  myHRSuite – a simple, cloud-based HR software solution for use by businesses large and small, providing an easier and more attractive way for owners and HR administrators to manage their employees.

There are loads of features packed into this explosive piece of employee management software, and not only is it simple, attractive and user-friendly… but it’s all held securely in the cloud, giving HR administrators and business owners the refreshing liberty to keep their computers free of internal admin, and full of front-line business operations.

Did you know that with the right implementation of the right HR software, your business can make huge cost-savings?

One of the most expensive outgoings on a business’s balance sheet is the hours paid to staff members. And although the people who make up a business are important assets to be valued and looked after, if you are asking them to complete tasks using a system or process that is slow, ineffective and outdated, it is in effect an unnecessary waste of human power – power that could be streamlined, or better spent elsewhere.

myHRSuite  developed by the experts at Intersoft is designed specifically to breathe simplicity into your operations, and drive your HR department with efficiency unmatched anywhere else. This is done by providing an interface that is:

  • Easy to view
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to operate

Tasks that may have previously taken an hour or more can be done in a matter of minutes.

Build your HR department… build a better workforce

The best results come from the happiest staff, and the happiest staff are created by the best run HR departments… and the best HR departments use methods to streamline operations, giving them more opportunity to provide the workforce with an actual face they can approach (not one hidden behind a pile of unnecessary paperwork). HR software is one of many ways a business can really build their HR department, turning it from “Good” to “Great”.

Imagine a world where you can focus on the real-world aspects of managing your company’s employees, instead of focusing on how to document and track those decisions?

Imagine a world where your workforce is happier and your cash box are fuller?

Imagine a piece of HR software that brings your business all of the above and more.

Imagine myHRSuite…


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